Soledad Pastorutti revealed why she went a month without talking to her husband

Soledad told why she spent a month without talking to her husband

Soledad Pastotti was invited to The Rock of Morfi and she was accompanied by her husband Jeremías, father of her daughters Anthony and Regina. The couple revealed the reason for their big fights and said that for this reason, They went a month without speaking to each other.

“Is it true that in one lap they argued over football and didn’t speak for a month?”He wanted to know mammon’s property and the singer’s husband agreed: “From then on I said that soccer, politics and religion are no longer talked about in my house.” Still amazed, the host of the cycle insisted that if it was “post that a month they did not speak” and between laughs, the singer said “may be”.

Then the jury of The Argentine Voice explained: “It happens that we are totally opposite teams. He is from River, I am from Boca. He is from Belgrano in Arequito and I am from 9 de Julio. But over the years I think we’ve found a way to… I, for example, bench him when we’re not playing against each other, obviously, and he benches me”.

Still, they don’t watch any games together since he “he gets like this guy who screams, unbearable, bad vibes”, she said comparing her husband to Tano Pasman. “In fact, I haven’t seen the classics for many years”he added as she doubled down by saying she has videos of him nervously watching games: “When there was a game I would go with the girls, I said ‘it can’t be’, but I still understand it, I’m like that too”.

Just as in The Rock of Morfi The singer confessed that in her house there are fervent discussions about soccer, she said that there are also about the participants she chooses in the program hosted by Marley, since the whole family is involved with the cycle and with the stories of the contestants.

A few days ago the figure together with Lali Esposito, Ricardo Montaner and Mau and Ricky of Telefe’s talent reality show was very forceful when responding to a follower who criticized his way of dressing. “You are losing your essence, you sing anything, you don’t even do folklore anymore. You paint yourself and show yourself as a vedette, already of the village girl that everyone loved little remains “, a Twitter user told him. To which she retorted: “I respect your point of view, but I’m sure you haven’t been following me closely for a long time. It is impossible to change the essence”.

As a result of this tense dialogue, the user deleted the comment and even his account no longer exists in the virtual world. The repercussions continued, and although many applauded his attitude in dealing with haters, there were also those who recommended that he not “spend his time” responding to offenses.

“Absolutely right, but the air is still free, and it’s good to use it to do good and clarify things,” Pastorutti remarked in another tweet. also the writer florence freijo opined about it: “A woman who plays with more erotic aspects in her clothing will always fuck them up, and they use that to diminish her power or discredit her”. And he added: “Don’t lose value in responding to people who can’t handle 1% of your journey. You are huge.”

The stage of the knock down in La Voz Argentina and the playoff phase began, and there are only 40 participants left in the race. Once again the juries changed their look.


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