Soledad Pastorutti’s sharp response to criticism for her look in “La Voz Argentina”

The juries of The Argentine Voice They usually surprise with changes of looks in each of the stages of the reality show that is broadcast on the Telefe screen. Soledad Pastorutti He opted for different gala styles, and more than once he became a trend in social networks due to the praise of his fans. However, in the last hours he maintained a cross with a user who criticized the outfits she chose, and the singer decided to respond with a sharp clarification.

With more than half a million followers on the social network Twitter, the artist usually spends some of her free moments answering questions from her fans and not losing contact with those who have followed her since she began her career. In that round trip she read a reprehensible message that she did not let go: “You are losing your essence, you sing anything, you don’t even do folklore anymore. You paint yourself and show yourself like a vedette, there is little left of the village girl that everyone loved”.

Soledad Pastorutti’s forceful response to a follower who criticized her outfits.

Without losing her composure, La Sole replied: “I respect your point of view, but I’m sure you haven’t been following me closely for a long time. It is impossible to change the essence”. As a result of this tense dialogue, the user deleted the comment and even her account no longer exists in the virtual world. The repercussions continued, and although many applauded her attitude in dealing with haters, there were also those who recommended that she not “spend her time” responding to offenses.

“Absolutely right, but the air is still free, and it’s good to use it to do good and clarify things,” Pastorutti remarked in another tweet. The writer Florencia Freijo also gave her opinion on the matter: “A woman who plays with more erotic aspects in her clothing will always fuck them up, and they use that to diminish her power or discredit her.” And she added: “Don’t lose value in responding to people who can’t handle 1% of your journey. You are huge.”

Florencia Freijo’s message to Soledad Pastorutti.The singer’s followers recommended that she not answer the haters, but she maintained her point of view.

The singer thanked him for his point of view with a promise: “Thank you! Beautiful message! I will keep your words very much in mind!” She also received a wave of compliments, among which stand out: “No room, Sole. You are a fucking artist. With poncho or miniskirt: unique”; “Those of us who follow you know that your essence does not change”; “We know well what defines each person and you always maintain your values”. (TV show)

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