“Sorry, but I won’t change your seat”: the position of a frequent traveler about the places on the plane

A British woman named Jessica Estebanwho is a frequent airline traveler, revealed that she is one of those passengers who never give up the place so that a family or a couple can sit together. His position was not immune to criticism, but his response was firm: “I spend months to ensure my preferred seat.”

Jaci Stephens wrote a fun column for the daily mail where he tells of his obsession with airplane seats: “I travel a lot. I have very specific seats that I always choose (ask Virgin Atlantic, if I can’t get the 8A I’ll change planes). I like an aisle seat when I travel within the country because I need to use the bathroom a lot. I like to be up front because I don’t like crowds and I invariably need to get off the boat quickly. I spend weeks, sometimes months, making sure I have my favorite seat.”

That is why, when they ask him to change the seat, he flatly refuses: “I have lost count of the times I have been singled out as a single woman and asked to change my seat. I suspect it’s because people think we’re going to be the most willing. Wrong”.

The woman recounted an incident she experienced on a flight back to the UK from the US on American Airlines. She first said that on long flights she prefers to get a ticket in business class to be able to sleep well. Also, on that occasion, he had chosen seat 2A, which is his favorite because it faces forward.

“Sorry, but I won’t change your seat”: the position of a frequent traveler about the places on the planepexels

After storing your hand luggage and settling down to read a book, a man approached him and asked if he would change seats so that his family, a wife and two children, could sit in a row: “The seats are very far apart, so it wasn’t like they were together at a Disney game, and after looking at the seat he indicated behind me, I saw that he was looking back, so I explained that no, I didn’t want to look in that direction.”

However, the man insisted and asked if they could find him another seat, but Jaci said no: “Not only do I have the right to refuse, I don’t like being around a lot of people in these times of Covid, and 2A, facing the window, is as far away from other people as possible, with her back to them.”

“But the man was furious and started yelling at me, wishing me ill for the future if this ever happens to me and then he went to the other side of the plane to try to persuade others to move, “he continued explaining.

However, there was one time when Jaci agreed to break her own rule and changed seats with La Toya Jackson. “On that rare occasion I melted. I felt a soft spot for her after her TV appearance and it was clear the terrible pain she was still going through after the death of her brother Michael. So, I said, ‘okay’. Suddenly 7K was gone. My seat, my special, special seat…quiet, away from the crowd. He had given it away in a rare act of martyrdom to someone who I didn’t think deserved it more, but who I thought he really needed more privacy.”

Jaci says that was the only time she gave up. And then, to finish, give advice to other passengers so that they are not a nuisance when they are already on the plane: “If you want to travel as a family or in a group, reserve your seats together in advance. Their incompetence in failing to do so is no one else’s responsibility and certainly shouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable when they want to stick to their probably well-organized plans.”

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