Spanish journalist Mónica Domínguez died at 38: passionate about travel and her work as a reporter

Monica Dominguez was 38 years old

Spanish journalist Mónica Domínguez died at the age of 38, after cancer. His colleagues expressed their pain through social networks. His departure occurred on Sunday morning.

elbierzodigitalthe site of his native landEl BierzoHe was in charge of giving the sad news. He worked on shows like The AR program, Four a day, it’s already noon either What a happy time. Those who knew her highlighted her vitality and optimism. “So long. We will never forget you. A huge hug to the family. A big hug to the family of our dear colleague”They wrote from social networks Travelers Fourthe last cycle in which he served as chronicler.

Monica Dominguez in Cuba
Monica Dominguez in Cuba

Thanks to the program he made several trips throughout Spain but also to various cities around the world such as New York in the United States, Bangkok in Thailand or Havana in Cuba. Although on more than one occasion she said that her favorite place in the world was MadridEven in full confinement due to the coronavirus, he wrote: “It tears me apart to see your empty streets. You have endured a lot of pain on different occasions. Always brave you have known how to recompose yourself. Solidarity, multicultural and with a great wealth of Spanish history. For me you have everything. Many artists have dedicated their songs to you. And is not for less. We will return to your streets feeling that we are different and more united than ever, how curious now that we are separated. Be strong, we are trying. We will fill each of your corners with music and illusion again.

“Traveling is flying” It was presented on its social networks where the landscapes were the protagonists. PJournalist with an extensive career, in his personal blog he described his job: “What you see is news. What you know is context. What you feel is opinion.”

For her work, Mónica Domínguez was in New York
For her work, Mónica Domínguez was in New York

“I have always wanted to be a journalist because I think that what I know how to do best is to tell stories, my grandfather told me when I was 10 years old. and he was not wrong. If those stories are friendly and funny, I have a better time. That’s why when I started working on television, I decided to focus my career on entertainment. I dream of working on a news program in which only positive news is told because ‘the good is not told, and it counts too much’, he said about his passion but clarified: “If I am something above a journalist and a reporter, it is a traveler.”

His first television job was in 2006 precisely in his homeland Bierzo Suena and after three years in Telecinco he joined Mediaset where he made fashion programs, magazine and travel cycles. Opening new directions too He created his own “travel-inspired” clothing brand that he marketed online.

“If there is something I am above a journalist and a reporter, it is a traveler”, Mónica Domínguez once said
“If there is something I am above a journalist and a reporter, it is a traveler”, Mónica Domínguez once said

As soon as the news was known, her colleagues fired her through the networks. Some of her most emotional words were those of the driver Carmen Chaparro: “She just died one of the most affectionate, good and transparent people that I have found in this profession in which nothing is what it seems. Monica said goodbye to us last night. You will remember her from many programs. I met her in Four a day and it was the light that illuminated the newsroom. I know that nice things are always said about those who have left, but she deserves them all. She was such a good person, so much… Darling, you haven’t left, because you will always be with us. Keep loving us wherever you are.”

“I am in shock. My friend has passed away and I just want to give all my support to her family. A wonderful professional and a fantastic colleague”, said the comedian Valeria Ross and Nacho Montes added: “What sad news. Wherever you are right now, I send you lots of love.”


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