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In recent times, people began to use their cell phones to make payments or transfers, so the devices have a lot of information and bank details. Because the enormous popularity of virtual walletsthe security of our data is in danger.

Today, it is very common to carry out banking operations using the cell phone as medium. This puts our information at risk, and worse yet, our bank accounts, since cell phones tend to get lost very easily.

Nevertheless, digital wallets have multiple security measures to prevent theft in bank accounts, after losing the cell phone. Those measures aim to validate the identity of the different users, so that, in various applications, facial recognition, password, or fingerprint is used.

Today almost everyone pays with their cell phones.

Another of the most common measures to detect that a robbery is taking placeis to permanently block the application, in case the key is entered incorrectly several times. If so, the person must reinstall the application on their cell phone, since it would be suspended.

What to do to block the bank app

Those people whose cell phones have been stolen, and have the banking application open within their device, will be able to prevent all their money from being stolen.

To ensure that they do not access our bank account, we must communicate with the corresponding bank of each one, and ask them to block the application. You can also call the company to ask to block the cell phone chip. For this, each bank has a specific number:

Bank province: 0810-666-CDNI (2364)

National Bank: 0800-888-5465

Santander Bank: 900-81-13-81

HSBC Bank: 0800-333-0003

ICBC Bank: 0810-444-4652

Galicia Bank: 0810-444-6500

Superville Bank: 0810-333-4959

How to protect our virtual wallets

To prevent them from accessing our bank accounts and stealing money from us, in case of losing the cell phone, must take into account the following measures:

set a passwordeither numerical, with patterns or biometrics, so that the device comes out of suspension.

Safeguard our information and keep applications updatedalong with the cell phone’s operating system.

We must take into account all the recommendations.

We must take into account all the recommendations.

Do not save the information of our bank accountssuch as username or password.

Install an antivirus and avoid downloading apps from unofficial sources.

Be careful with public Wi-Fi networks to which we connect.

– In case of taking our cell phone to repair or sell, protect the information that you want to keep in a memory and completely restore the configuration of the device, to prevent relevant information from being left on the device.

Set a short time on auto lock of our cell phone, so that whoever steals it from us, does not have time to access it or the information it contains.

Set up two-factor authentication as a protection measure in different applications.

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