Summer 2022 | These are the cheapest destinations to fly to from Barcelona this August

If you are one of those who decides the holidays in the last minutedo not worry: there is still a destiny for you. It is true that the prices have increased by inflation stemming from the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. This has meant that the average spending of each Spaniard will increase this summer: a few days of disconnection will cost us around 610 euros. Despite all this, thelast minute‘ it’s still working. These are the flights cheaper from the Josep Tarradellas airport Barcelona-El Prat.

Barcelona airport lives a bit busy. The cabin crew of Ryanair have convened a weekly strike from Monday to Thursday until next January. This is the calendar of stoppages, which can cause delays Y cancellations of flights.

When buying the plane tickets we can also find a surprise. The pandemic of COVID-19 It has caused us to lose the habit of flying. During these two years, the airlines have applied changes to the duty of the baggage. In fact, some companies They don’t allow you to get on board for free. the carry-on bag since the end of 2021. In this sense, the OCU has warned that they cannot charge for this service.

These are the cheapest flights from Barcelona in August

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According to the web SkyScannerThese are the cheapest destinations by to fly since Barcelona this August.

  1. Spainfrom 26 euros. Specifically, traveling to Balearic Islands It costs between 26 euros and 35 euros. Madrid can also be visited with flights from 35 euros. The next price step is marked by Santander and Seville: they cost 49 euros.

  2. Francefrom 39 euros. The cheapest destination in the neighboring country is Bordeauxvery fashionable this summer and for half the price of flights to Paris, which are close to 100 euros.

  3. Italy, United Kingdom Y Swissfrom 61 euros. Three countries, three ideal vacations.

  4. Denmarkfor 64 euros. flights to Copenhagen they are hoops, but not like that Billund. By this name it may not sound familiar to you, but we do tell you that it is the cradle of the blocks Lego And where is legolandthis destination charges interest.

  5. montenegro and its capital Podgorica for 76 euros.

These are the cheapest flights from Barcelona in September

In September, the cheapest destinations from Barcelona are others:

  1. Morocco: you can land on nador Y Rabat for only 17 euros. Anger Fez costs 20 and a flight to marrakesh35 euros.

  2. France repeated second position on the podium of cheap flights. Bordeaux continues to be on account (21 euros), but also Paris Y Marseilleswhere you can go for flights from 35 euros.

  3. luxembourgfrom 21 euros.

  4. Spain, best in september. You can visit the Balearic Islands, Valladolid, Jerez, Seville and Malaga for less than 30 euros.

  5. Italybut this time its Sardinia island: there are flights to alghero for 25 euros. If you prefer the interior, you can go to Turin Already Milan for the same price.

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