Summer holidays 2022: where is the secret beach of Estacahuite

Estacahuite Beach (Photo: @Eltiotonysoy)

With a beautiful blue-green hue, a beach considered the best kept secret in oaxacaoffers a wide variety of activities to enjoy these holidays or relax in this tropical climate destination, in addition to appreciating a spectacular sunset.

It’s about the Estacahuite beacha paradise of golden sand, calm and crystal clear waters, ideal for diving or sport fishing. A place with perfect waves to get to know the coral reefs it houses or capture the best moments with your camera.

It is also considered a treasure, due to the area where it is found. A good option to explore or be dazzled by its large rock formations is to go up on a kayak and take a walk.

For those adventurers, the recommendation is to hire the diving service, snorkel and dive to see the marine life. The approximate costs to live this experience range from 500 to more than 2 thousand 600 pesos.

Beautiful beaches in Oaxaca (Photo: Twitter@CarlosH79824658)
Beautiful beaches in Oaxaca (Photo: Twitter@CarlosH79824658)

Sitting in a palapa near the sea, you can taste the best typical dishes of the area and swim in its beautiful waters.

This destination is located to the southeast of the entity. To get there you can take the road Puerto Angel-Pochutlaalthough you can also arrive at the place by boat.

The costs to stay in its surroundings range from one thousand pesos to more than 5 thousand pesos, according to tourist and rest sites in the state.


During your visit to this warm entity, you can also enjoy other tourist sites such as Mazunte, listed as one of the most attractive areas nationwide and home to millions of turtles.

Mazunte is a beautiful Magic Town recognized for its beautiful crystal clear waters of the Pacific and the best places to practice surfing, according to what professionals and residents have shared.

Its main attraction is the Tortuguero Mexican Centerwhere in addition to appreciating thousands of specimens, walkers can get involved in the conservation and preservation of these turtles such as the marine, olive ridley and hawksbill.

In this surreal destination you can also rest, the recommendation is to visit Punta Cometa to appreciate its incomparable sunsets.

Vacationers on the beaches of Oaxaca.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Vacationers on the beaches of Oaxaca. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Puerto Angel

Between Mazunte and Huatulco lies the charming picturesque town of Puerto Angel. Ideal for ecotourism, as well as swimming in the tranquility of its waters, as they present little waves, some such as: El Panteón beach or Principal Beach.

It also has some others like brush beach, site where hundreds of olive ridley turtles congregate to lay their eggs. The nesting season is between May and September.

Another of its attractions is La Ventanilla, a village dominated by large mangrove vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Here you can be in contact with nature and observe a great variety of birds such as the woodpecker or take a horseback ride.

Some beach sites in Oaxaca are ideal for surfing.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Some beach sites in Oaxaca are ideal for surfing. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)


This site is one of the most recognized nationally and internationally in this state. Its beach areas are to the taste of the people, with golden sand accompanied by a tropical climate, where you can do activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or diving.

It houses charming bays such as: San Agustín, Chachacual, Cacaluta, Maguey, El Órgano, Santa Cruz, Chahué, Tangolunda and Conejos, which are located 277 kilometers from the capital.

Dozens of tourists have recommended the sunrise in Conejos Bay, for its incredible orange and purple colors that paint the sky.


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