Summer vacations 2022: 4 dream beaches to discover with accommodation from 1,500 pesos

Huatulco Bay in Oaxaca. Sector

With peculiar names, natural beauty or even crystal clear waters and fantastic colors, it is what various Beaches in Mexico. Given this, we will mention some examples of some dream places of sand and sea to enjoy during the holidays or at the time you decide.

These are beautiful spaces to meet in some states of the country. According to tourism sites and travel agencies, these destinations are considered the most pleasant, due to their impressive landscapes, white sand, among other things.

Beach Delivery

Due to the calm that its waters carry, this beach is considered a giant pool. One of the most beautiful beach areas of the Bahías de Huatulco that exist, ideal to discover in the state of Oaxaca.

Despite being one of the busiest for families, due to its almost non-existent waves, its natural beauty also encourages various activities, such as: snorkel, take a boat tour or jet ski, diving, among others.

Huatulco (Photo: Twitter)
Huatulco (Photo: Twitter)

In addition, there are several restaurants at affordable prices where you can taste the best dishes. While enjoying your stay in Huatulco Bay, you will also have to consider other attractions such as: La Crucecita, a church with the largest ceiling mural of the Virgin Mary in Latin America; Huatulco National Park, has guided tours where different birds can be seen in their natural habitat; Cascades of the Copalita River, in this waterfall area you can do rappelling, rafting and activities such as hiking.

If you want to stay in Huatulco, the approximate costs of lodging in this place range from 1,500 to more than 4,000 pesos per night.

Hidden Beach

With little unusual landscapes and located in a jungle area, this beach is 110 kilometers from Veracruzalthough to get there you will have to pass the town of Ángel R. Cabada and after traveling at least 8 kilometers, you must travel on foot or on horseback to the deviation to the coast.

Hidden Beach, Veracruz.  (Photo: Sector)
Hidden Beach, Veracruz. (Photo: Sector)

It is considered a hidden paradise on the Veracruz coast, ideal for those who want to be in contact with nature. In this space you can camp, since there are no nearby hotels, and enjoy the sunrise amid the hubbub of birds.

The good news is that you can pamper your palate with the best typical dishes of the region, such as: chipotle crab, mojarras with garlic mojo, among others. Hidden Beach It has great vegetation to captivate yourself with beautiful landscapes, as well as admire some beautiful birds such as: toucans, pelicans or eagles.

If you want to spend the night on this semi-virgin beach, the price to camp goes from 70 to 100 pesos. In this magical place you can do some other activities such as: diving, rappelling or taking a boat ride to see one of the cliffs that hide this beach.

In Veracruz you can find accommodation with costs ranging from 700 pesos to more than 2 thousand pesos per night

Nayarit is home to beautiful beaches.  Sector
Nayarit is home to beautiful beaches. Sector

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Located in the municipality of Nuevo Vallarta, in Nayarit, This is one more option to get to know one of the best places of sand and sea in the country. With white and soft sand and ideal for swimming without fear, since the tranquility of its waters also offers peace during your stay.

It is a destination where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and swim in its very warm and crystal clear waters.

In addition, Nuevo Vallarta is one of the most impressive tourist complexes in Mexico, where you can hire different tours to capture extraordinary adventures such as: rappel, zipline or impress you with whale or bird watching.

Lodging in this area of ​​Nayarit ranges from thousand 200 to more than 10 thousand pesos per night

Cozumel beaches.  (Sector)
Cozumel beaches. (Sector)

Passion Island

This charming little piece of land is located in Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean islandwhere the hue in turquoise blue and white sand captures the eyes and enjoy thousands.

On this beach, visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of its waters and learn about the coral reefs, stroll through its archaeological sites or enjoy the best food in restaurants in the area.

Also considered an ideal region for lovers, because according to legend some couples met here millions of years ago to ask the goddess of love, Ixchel, a good marriage.

Perfect destination to celebrate a wedding, XV years, honeymoon or simply be captivated by its beauty.

If you want to stay in this magical place, the hotels have prices ranging from thousand 300 to more than 4 thousand pesos per night


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