Sydney Sweeney: the harsh family past of the new Hollywood star who seeks to win two Emmys

One of the most talented actresses of the new generation who reached mass this year was Sidney Sweney. The 24-year-old actress has been working since 2009 when, simultaneously, it was part of an episode of the series Heroes and got the role of Lisa in the movie ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction. Nevertheless, 2022 was the year of its consecration, thanks to two very different but equally remarkable interpretations. On the one hand, the actress played a banal teenager in the white lotusMike White’s brilliant social satire for HBO in which he managed to give humanity to Olivia Mossbacher, a character with whom it is difficult to empathize but to whom Sweeney adds layer after layer so that we can see beyond her whims and misgivings.

The women of EuphoriaFeatures of REX/Shutterstock/The G

Secondly, in the second season of euphoriaa -a true phenomenon- managed to stand out in its own ecosystem (after all, it is very complex to show off in a series to which Zendaya fully delivered) despite the fact that Cassie had a short story that could, again, have remained in the cliché. It was not the case. Sweeney’s talent, displayed in both fictions, made the actress double Emmy nomineethe awards of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences that will be delivered on September 12. His Instagram video reacting to the candidacies went viral (“Mom, this is for you, we live many ups and downs,” he wrote in his post), and confirmed the popularity of the young woman from Spokane, Washington, who had a very tough childhood and pre-adolescence, a topic she spoke about recently.

Sydney Sweeney and a complex childhood and adolescence
Sydney Sweeney and a complex childhood and adolescenceFeatures of REX/Shutterstock/The G

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney alluded to his professional present and what lies ahead with the highly anticipated Marvel movie. lady webbut in several sections of her talk she decided to remember what it was like to want to be an actress and have all the odds against her. The young woman shared that both her childhood and her adolescence were very hard, especially because of the money issues that monopolized their parents’ conversations and eventually affected them as a couple.

Likewise, Sydney and her younger brother, Trent, grew up with restrictions that went beyond economics. Her parents did not allow them to go out often. and consequently Sweeney was dedicated to study and her applied nature paid off when she was chosen valedictorianthe most outstanding student who is chosen to give the speech of the graduating division. “Now I only drink water, and when I celebrate, I occasionally have a drink, but it is something exceptional for me,” said the actress, who did not attend any party with her classmates, whose calls she ignored to focus on her studies. In essence, Sweeney is the opposite of those two young women depicted in the white lotus Y Euphoria, and even to watch series Teen she had to do it in the dark and trying not to let her parents find her consuming one of his favorite fictions: The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, starring by Shaylene Woodley.

Sydney Sweeney fought hard to be recognized
Sydney Sweeney fought hard to be recognizedThe Grosby Group – Tidny-249

When Sweeney moved to Los Angeles with his family at just 13 years old, the contrast was stark for everyone, and that’s where the problems began to loom. Although the move was carried out so that Sydney could fulfill her dream of being an actress (“a goal that I always had in my head”), the plan had collateral effects that Sydney has a hard time remembering without breaking down. His parents left their Spokane home and, when they found they couldn’t buy real estate in Los Angeles, they decided to live in a motel. At that time, as she was already beginning to get roles in various productions, the young woman was not aware of the family crisis. Sweeney began working on low-flying films like 3d spiders Y stardust Angels, and in an episode of 90210, series that integrates the famous Darren Star franchise. In addition, landed the role of Izzy Fishman for the TV movie the shining ring, whose story would later be told, with another look, by the filmmaker Sofia Coppola. Meanwhile, her parents were constantly arguing and it was impossible not to hear them.

“We lived in one room. I shared the bed with my mother, and my father and my brother slept in the same chair,” the actress recalled. When the Sweeneys’ marriage began to deteriorate, Sydney noticed the signs and couldn’t help feeling guilty. “I started accepting any bad part that was offered to me for little money, sometimes they paid me 100 dollars a day. I thought that if I made a lot of money I would be able to buy my parents the house we had in Washington and that they would become friends, but when I turned 18 I had only raised $800. My parents were no longer together and there was nothing I could do.the actress recalled.

Also, she did not enjoy the casting process, not only because of what was happening in her family but also because of the cruel way in which she was rejected. “Trying to find out who you are in this industry is very difficult, it’s crazy how adults perceive you and I was there without any connection. I had no idea how others managed to meet people, I had no idea how complex it was going to be for me, “she said, adding that It is still hard for him to see how some figures are easily chosen in the auditions by the contacts they have in the industry. For her, it is inevitable not to return to a recurring thought: “I worked very hard for ten years for this and these things happen.”

With brutal honesty, Sydney recounted getting the role of Cassie in Euphoria It did not mean that he had touched the sky with his hands as far as stability is concerned, and he provided a genuine look at the management of the industry: “To the actors They are no longer paid as before, but rather the established stars that have a name. From the check I receive I have to give a percentage to my lawyer, another to my agents, my publicists, and that costs much more than my mortgage”, He was honest about the house he bought very recently. She therefore tries not to lose her jobs in the modeling world and now she is an ambassador for Miu Miu and the recent Armani campaign. According to the actress, if he abandoned his role as a model, he could not sustain his life in Los Angeles. “I accept these offers because I have to, I can’t make a living from acting,” she revealed.

Sydney Sweeney: “If I wanted to take a six-month break, I don't have the income to cover it”
Sydney Sweeney: “If I wanted to take a six-month break, I don’t have the income to cover it”

Finally, there came a time when the actress was able to stop auditioning for those “bad roles” she mentioned and start working on challenging projects. If her goal was to outdo herself, she more than succeeded. In The Handmaid’s Talefor example, he put the body to a heartbreaking role, that of Eden Spencer, whose tragic end is among the best sequences of the fiction that will return with its fifth season on September 18 by Paramount +. A year earlier, Sweeney had played the complete opposite role in Netflix’s excellent teen series, Everything sucks! and was also part of the disturbing HBO miniseries SHarp objects. In cinema, we could see her in David Robert Mitchell’s ambitious film, under the silver lake, and in Once upon a time… in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino.

When in 2019 came the role of Cassie Howard in Euphoria of Sam Levinson, It was impossible not to be moved by this world that the young woman invented in order to respond to the imposed mandates. If in the first season he had already raised a peripheral character, in the second season, released in January, was among the highlights of the brutal drama. Sweeney had a difficult task on his shoulders: to make the dramatic change in Cassie’s narrative arc believable.

Sydney Sweeney with some of her colleagues from The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton and Murray Bartlett: all of them were nominated for an Emmy
Sydney Sweeney with some of her colleagues from The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton and Murray Bartlett: all of them were nominated for an EmmyAmy Sussman – Getty Images North America

The union of the young woman with Nate (Jacob Elordi) was extremely arbitrary, and her character went from having a bond with Christopher (Algee Smith) to start a toxic relationship with whoever was the boyfriend of her best friend. Thanks to her talent, that plot line had brilliant moments, all of them contributed by the actress. In dialogue with LA NACION, Sydney predicted that Euphoria, as they were at the time skins Y Girls, will become “the” series of this generation. “At least, that’s what I hope will happen when I talk about her in the future and people remember her,” He pointed out in a chat with this medium.

Looking ahead to the Emmy ceremony and a successful future, Sweeney reflects on the loneliness he sometimes experiences in between. with the girls from Euphoria we don’t talk about certain topics”, he assures. Among them, the insecurities and pressures of the environment in which they move. “More than growing up, my bubble of people with whom I can be genuine was shrinking,” added a versatile actress who is not afraid to talk about the “B side” of fame and who He is happy with having been able to acquire a house, even though it is not in “the most luxurious place” in the city. “The fact that I was able to buy it is enough for me.”

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