Sylvester Stallone is furious about a new Rocky spin-off

The actor Sylvester Stallone exploded on their social networks upon learning that the producers of the saga of Rocky prepare a new cleave focused on the son of Ivan Dragoone of the characters created by him.

On his Instagram, the creator of that universe took aim at the filmmakers who are behind another continuation focused on another heir to the boxers. They are parasites He launched.

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What Sylvester Stallone said about the new spin off of the “Rocky” saga

Sylvester Stallone focused on irwin winkler for the news about the imminent Dragon. “Another heartbreaking news. I just discovered this. ONCE AGAIN, IRWIN WINKLER this PATHETIC PRODUCER 94 YEARS OLD AND HIS CHILDREN DUMB AND DUMB VULTURES, Charles and David, are once again cleaning the bones of another wonderful character that I created without even telling me,” he wrote.

Stallón apologized to the fans and left a final reflectionin the post where he shared a screenshot of the news: “I never wanted the characters of Rocky were exploited for these parasites”.

Sylvester Stallone launched sharp criticism at the producers of a new spin-off of the Rocky franchise. (Photo: Instagram/@officialslystallone)

In addition to lashing out at Winkler, Stallone was also angry at Dolph Lundgrenwho plays the boxer Iván Drago, father of the one who would be the main character of the new spin-off. “By the way, I have nothing but respect for Dolph, but I wish HE would have told me what was going on behind my back. Keep your REAL friends close.”

Stallone had already badmouthed Winkler in early July: said it was a “snake” because it had taken away the possibility of participating in the shareholding in the franchise of Rockycreated by the actor in 1976.

“After Irwin controlled Rocky for more than 47 years, and now CreedI would really like to recover at least a little of WHAT IS LEFT of my rights, before passing them ONLY TO YOUR CHILDREN”, he had exposed.

An iconic image: Rocky beats Drago at the end of Rocky IV (Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer archive)
An iconic image: Rocky beats Drago at the end of Rocky IV (Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer archive)

In 2019, during an interview with VarietyStallone clarified that he had no ownership of the rights to Rocky. “It’s shocking that it never happened. but they told me ‘if they paid you, then what are you complaining about?‘. He was furious,” he had commented.

The franchise of Rocky started in 1976, with a first story that was a sensation at the time. Sylvester Stallone created the character, wrote the script, and starred in her. The film had 10 Oscar nominations. And took three awards, including best film, director and editing.

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From that moment on, Stallone completely came out of anonymity and became a star. Rocky had a total of six films and two cleave focused on the son of Apollo Creedin which the actor also worked.

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