Telefe changed the programming and raised a program at night: what will happen to Fugitiva?

Monday, August 1, 2022


Compete and win. That’s the goal of phone who now decided to change the grid so as not to lose in the rating. One week after the premiere of “sing with me now” by The thirteenthe channel of the balls moved its chips and decided to eliminate a program on which they had placed high expectations in its premiere.

Is about “Case Closed Uncensored“, the famous program of Dr. Ana María Polo that was broadcast daily at 11:45 p.m. However, the measurements did not help its continuity and that is why it was directly taken off the air.

Previously, “Case Closed Uncensored” aired on phone during the mornings (after the release of the summary of the Turkish series “Züleyha Esto Pasó”). However, when the two “main dishes” of the mornings began, “A la Barbarossa” and “Ariel en la salsa de ella”, she was dropped. Then in July it was positioned in Prime Time but the rod moved and now it was removed from the schedule.

Given this scenario, what will happen to fugitive Y The Argentine Voice?

According to the programming grid released by Telefe, Fugitive will not go at 9:30 p.m. like last Monday but at 9:15 p.m. and will last until 10 p.m.

In this way, Fugitiva will not last until 10:30 p.m. as it happened throughout the last week of July, but Telefe cut the time on the screen of Turkish fiction and will bet heavily on its musical reality show. The contest that Marley leads and that has Soledad, Lali, Ricardo Montaner and Mau and Ricky as coach will compete strongly with Marcelo Tinelli’s reality show.

Advance of this Monday’s chapter

Fugitive goes through culminating moments of great tension and drama. The fiction runs the original chapter 58, of 64 episodes that it has in total, and with this several stories of characters are heading towards their outcomes.

In this Monday’s chapter, Türkan will be enveloped in anguish and pain just knowing that Mercan agreed to enter the Genco family and marry Tarik. “What does this mean, are you going to marry him even knowing everything she has done?” The woman will reproach her daughter.

For his part, Genco will speak with Tarik with a view to what will happen with Mercan’s contract. “Dad, maybe the girl doesn’t want to get married,” the young man will tell Genco. “She already brought me her identification and she wants to get married right away,” Genco will refute.

“Today I saw Nefes in the center, her belly is very big. She was walking hand in hand with Tahir at her side. I have dreamed so many times of the scene I saw today: walking with Tahir hand in hand.”

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