The 10 most affordable luxury destinations in the world (to live like a rich man without being rich)

Indulging in a little luxury from time to time is something that most should be able to do. We think the same about travel. Many times, however, some destinations put their most exclusive offers at prices that are only available to a few.

According to a recent study by, in which they have analyzed the most affordable cities in the world (when we refer to the average cost of your 5-star hotelshotels with spas, Michelin-starred dining and high-end car rental), it is clear that this does not always have to be the case.

There are cities (many, closer than you expect), where all these experiences are not unattainable for the pocket of most. And keep in mind, too, that the price listed is the average, which means there are even more affordable alternatives…

There is no Spanish city among the top 10

The most affordable city when it comes to luxury travel is Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, a city typically famous for being a backpacker destination. Bangkok has turned out to be the cheapest city to rent luxury cars (56 euros)and it also ranked among the cheapest for Michelin-starred meals (€142) and 5-star hotel stays (€279).

In second place is Brussels. Belgium’s capital is affordable across the board, especially when it comes to the cost of a five-star hotel (€341) and luxury car rental (€142). Brussels is the most affordable European destination among the cities ranked (and known for its chocolate, beer and museums, of course).

Another European destination ranks third: Verona, in Italy, has the second cheapest average cost when it comes to booking a spa hotelwith only 192 euros per night.

More details on affordable luxury destinations

The most affordable city for Michelin-star dining is Athens, Greece. The average cost of a menu of the day in Athens is 97 euros. The cheapest rate for an overnight stay in a five-star hotel at properties listed on is Hong Kong, at €274 on average.

Cheaper luxury destinations

Luxury car rental is the most affordable you have in Bangkok, here a luxury model like a Mercedes-Benz will cost you only 56 euros a day. The most affordable destination when booking a hotel with a spa is Osaka, with an average rate per night of 168 euros per night.

Cheaper luxury destinations

Something you might not have expected: Hong Kong offers the most affordable luxury experience for luxury stays, with the cheapest rate for a five-star hotel per night at properties listed on While the cost of living is generally high for those who live in Hong Kong, it seems that for luxury travelers, it’s just the opposite!

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