The 2023 Honda Civic Type R arrives in the fall with 315 HP

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is closer than ever. The brand has finally given more information about the launch and the details of the car. So far, its launch in the United States has been contemplated, although it is possible that it will reach other cities.

What details are known about the new Honda?

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First of all, the sling Civic Type R 2023 will have a hot hatch nine more horsepower than the previous model, that is, 6.7 kW/9.1 PS. Powered by Honda’s K20C1 turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine, the new model will generate 315 hp at 6,500 rpm and 310 pound-feet of torque between 2,600 and 4,000 rpm.

Secondly, sling said to be trying to improve performance in all aspects, for example, making the turbocharger build pressure over a wider rev range by altering the size, shape, and number of turbine blades within it. In addition to increased air intake flow and a more efficient exhaust system with active valves that contribute to this engine be more usable, and make more noise.

It will have increased grille openings, a larger radiator and a new fan that increase performance. will have a transmission six-speed manual which, according to what Honda said, will allow a better connection between the auto and the driver. In the same way, it will have a light steering wheel, a stiffer lever and a rev adjustment system that will allow better stability in curves and grip on the ground.


Let us remember that this new Honda model is based on the civic hatchback 11th generation, so the wheelbase will increase to 3.5 cm, which will allow a smoother and more stable ride. The distance between the tires will also grow to 1.9 cm; and the rear multi-link and front double-axle punctual suspensions will be retuned. Even the brake cooling has been improved to increase the performance.

Regarding aesthetics, the body will be 2 cm longer, 1.2 cm lower and 1.5 cm wider than the previous model. It will have matte black 19-inch alloy wheels and tires. Michelin Sport Pilot 4Smanufactured especially for the sling. For starters, the rims will use a so-called “inverted rim” to improve tire patch and stability.


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The 2023 Honda Civic Type R will come in five different colors: Championship White, exclusive to the Type R; Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Crystal Black Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl. The interior will feature sport seats and red trim, a Type R badge on the dash and a digital instrument panel designed for greater accessibility, and will feature a +R mode, which places the racing-inspired rev indicator.

Finally, it will have a nine-inch infotainment screen with a performance data recorder. Honda LogRwhich helps to monitor and record performance parameters in real time. It will also have Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto compatibility and Bose Centerpoint premium sound system.

The sling The 2023 Civic Type R will be built at the Yorii plant in Japan, though the engine comes from its Ohio engine plant. The price is not clear but it will surely be revealed as its date of sale approaches. launch in autumn.

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