The “2×1” returns to buy in the US and they auction off iPhones at half price

The The gap between the official dollar and the blue dollar shows no signs of shrinking, something that is seen as negative in most cases. but that has an advantage: it becomes business to bring some products directly from abroad. And it is that the purchase price in dollars (including shipping) at the “tourist” exchange rate (which includes a surcharge of 30%+45%) sometimes ends up going for less than the price at which said products are obtained in the local market.

Added to this exchange gap is also the fact that imports for various technology products, such as video cards, keyboards, mouses, memories, battery chargers, speakers, TV and digital cameras, and game consoles such as Playstation or Xboxthey have new government restrictions which makes it even more difficult to get them.

What can be brought from outside at half price

In different international marketplaces you can get technology with discounts as strong as 50%. For example, Apple’s iPhone cell phones are available on the international market. at a considerably lower price than in Argentina.

An Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is sold today in Mercado Libre for $ 569,750.

Alternatively, on Amazon global you can get it for about US$ 799, which in “dollar card” prices represents about $203,745.

Something similar happens in the case of video game consoles. For example, the popular Nintendo Switch is available in Mercado Libre for $132,299 in its 32GB version.

But on Amazon, again, you can get it for about US$313 which, at the price of a dollar card, they mean about $79,815. And it is worth mentioning that the Amazon model brings a memory with twice the capacity of what is achieved in the country.

How to buy products abroad and that they arrive safely

The best way to buy these products usually comes from the hand of companies specialized in the handling of this type of products. These are international courier services that They allow access to all the digital commerce sites in the world.

Aerobox is one of these companies that seeks to facilitate the ability to bring to the country any product from internationally recognized sales sites. This company is of type delivery courierthat deals with transport for companies such as Amazon, eBay, walmart or others.

When using the service aerobox There are no AFIP or Customs procedures and there is a shipping guarantee. And they offer “import to official dollar without 75%”, so it would take the change to a cheaper number for import.

Shipping is paid in the official dollar, without taxes or surcharges

The purchases are centralized in the office that the company has in Miami and from there the shipment is made to any point in Argentina. (regarding this, it should be noted that the company has a commercial presence in both countriesso the possible frictions that may appear are reduced). The company charges a shipping fee that varies according to species, weight, etc.

To buy and take advantage of the offers, it is necessary to create a user on the platform, make the purchase and then let the company manage all the shipping to Argentina.

For those who want to try the service, there is currently a special promotion of US$ 10 discount and there is even a service called “we buy for you” where a representative of the company is in charge of all the purchasing management.

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