The 3 steps of an NBA businessman to classify more than a thousand emails daily

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Before talking about his effective method for tame your email boxthis is a brief introduction to a man who is hugely famous in America, but perhaps less well known in other countries. cuban Frame, 64 years old, he is a billionaire, mainly famous for being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA.

But besides that, this businessman owns 2929 Entertainment, a film and entertainment company Cost Plus Pharmaceutical Company. The latter has had a great impact on the US market, since offers drugs at affordable prices with a method that he himself has made transparent. It consists of buying large quantities of drugs that are in high demand and selling them at a 15% profit margin, which places these values ​​well below those of its competition. Its commitment, moreover, is to transfer all the cost reductions that the firm achieves to the prices. In addition, he is the author of the book How to win in the sport of business, in which he describes his experiences in business and in sports.

Curban, apparently, is not an unreachable famous man, but quite accessible and makes available e-mail addresses that he invites his business colleagues to use to ask questions, ask for advice and make proposals. This means that his e-mail inboxes receive hundreds of messages, which he calculated, totaling between 750 and 1,000 only entrepreneurs. To these are added those of his collaborators and other people.

Cuban receives hundreds of messages, which he calculated, in a total of between 750 and 1,000 only from entrepreneurs
Cuban receives hundreds of messages, which he calculated, in a total of between 750 and 1,000 only from entrepreneurs

The businessman assures that he analyzes them all, although that analysis does not demand more than 2 seconds. Many people take pains to create messages that catch their attention, while he, who self-proclaimed email expert developed a method that is highly effective.

1- Delete

Cuban explained his main method to control so many e-mails is “delete, delete and delete”. In the podcast Raising The Bar, quoted by Inc.He stated that it takes him about 2 seconds to decide whether to reply to an email or delete it.

But Sometimes, there is no need to decide so quickly to eliminate them, a process that cannot be reversed, instead, they can be archived for later review.

Mark Cuban, 64, is a billionaire, most famous for owning the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.
Mark Cuban, 64, is a billionaire, most famous for owning the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban recommends that, when a message is not relevant or does not deserve a response, it should be archived so as not to delete it and regret it later, in case it has to be recovered. That way, you can keep your inbox clean without missing a thing. This is a crucial step in achieving Inbox Zero, which is an email management technique the expert recommended.

2- Delegate

Cuban said that when something catches his eye send a quick response with questions. If the person returns an email with answers that he considers sufficient, he will consider that there is potentially something good there.

At that moment, will forward the mail to your team, thus delegating the conversation to someone else. “I have different people with different types of experience and I will ask them to dig in and cover bases that I’m not fully versed in,” which is something he does very often, he said.

Those who want to get your attention “the worst thing” they can do is send you repeated emails
Those who want to get your attention “the worst thing” they can do is send you repeated emails

“As a company founder, I’ve spent years building a team of experts. So if I find myself in an email conversation that would be more suitable for someone more specialized than me, I’ll just cc (carbon copy) the relevant person on my team and ask them to take over the conversation. I am confident that they will make a better decision than me as it is their area of ​​expertise and now it is one less thing I have to think about,” he said.

3- Filter

These first two steps are Cuban’s method for sorting through the 1,000 or so emails he receives from entrepreneurs each day.

But to this he added a strategy to reduce the number of emails he receives. At this point he clarified that who want to get your attention “worst” they can do is repeatedly send you emails, since before this it has a categorical solution and at the same time simple: create a filter within Gmail which automatically removes any email from the specified address.

Although the latter is something that may not be relevant to many people, but it is a method that can be practiced in daily life. “The best way to get to Inbox Zero is to get to Email Zero,” which means that the best way to reduce email is to first limit the number of emails that arrive in the inbox.

Most email systems have automatic filtering features that classify messages into different categories, such as “social”, “promotions”, “updates”, etc. These are great features that use machine learning to improve how they classify emails. Is it’s a way to focus on the most important emails right away and pay attention later to the less important.

You can even go one step further by creating custom filters to remove emails with certain keywords from your inbox. An example would be if you don’t want any marketing emails you can create a filter to move any emails that contain the word “cancel subscription” to a different folder. Then you can quickly go through the folder once a week or so to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Also, in this case, the option to archive this type of email can be configured, but it would not be the most recommended.

If you manage to control the hundreds of emails in your inbox, you may also improve your day-to-day work.


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