The 7 essential things you should do at home before going on vacation

Many are the Spaniards who go on vacation in the month of August

Seven tips to avoid headaches

August It is the month par excellence to do holidays For the spanish people. Some leave carefree, while others leave worried, either about theft or about anything that may happen to their home.

For this reason, we suggest seven things What can you do to avoid any mishap during your absence? Perhaps they will not always serve you, but they can save you from a good headache.

Girl picking something to eat from the fridge


Not leaving certain food out of the fridge

Perishable food can easily spoil if we go on vacation for a few days. Remove all the food that is likely to go bad after our absence.

Woman's hand showing the keys to the new apartment


Give keys to someone you trust

We can leave the keys to friends or family. This can help us to do any check or not to lose the keys on our way. But also in case you have to do some housework, such as ventilating the home, feeding animals or watering plants.

wooden keychain on white background


Don’t hide keys

Along the lines above, it might be a bad idea to hide duplicates or keys under the doormat, in flower pots, or any other hiding place. It can facilitate the work of some thieves who want to take advantage of the vacation absence.



Turn off and unplug electronic devices

If we do not want to turn off the general lights (so that the fridge and freezer continue to work, for example), what is recommended is to disconnect and turn off electronic devices in the home. We will prevent them from spending energy, however little it may be.



Check that all the lights are off

Not only do we have to do the previous step, but it is important to check that all the lights are off. With the price of electricity today, it can be a good bill to leave some home lights open during our vacation period.



Do not leave the car very close to the house

If some hypothetical thieves observe the house and see a car parked for a long time in front of the home, we are going to give them clues. It is advisable to park it somewhere else, and even have someone you trust move it.



Close the water and gas stopcocks

Also to avoid unnecessary expenses, it is a good option to close stopcocks for both water and gas, if any. In this way we will avoid unnecessary energy and economic expenditure.

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