The Airport launches a raffle to make “The Trip of Your Dreams” a reality – 08/01/2022

The promotional action of the main air terminal in the country implies an important bet: a raffle that has a prize of US$ 30,000 so that a winner can make “the trip of his dreams” come true, tailoring it to his needs.

The winner will be able to choose the destination or destinations, and will be able to invite the companions they want, family, friends, couples, or alone, using the prize for flights, stays, transfers, tours and everything that implies fulfilling their desired trip, according to bases and conditions arranged in

“The dream trip of each one is very personal, and the possibilities are endless,” said Matías Carluccio, Commercial Manager of Aeropuertos Uruguay. “We are witnesses day by day of the happiness and illusion that travel brings, that’s why we want to inspire those dreams of traveling and help make them come true,” he added.

How to take part?

Between August 1 and September 29 you can participate and the modality to do it is very simple.
Every $400 or US$ 10 that is purchased at the stores participating in the promotion at the Carrasco Airport, you get a chance to participate.

To register participation in the draw, after making the purchase, it is necessary to enter the aforementioned website ( and complete the information requested to seal the participation.

After logging in and completing the data form, the essential step is to upload a photo and the details of the purchase receipt. And ready!

In addition, purchases are cumulative: that is, if a person makes a purchase for $300 and another for $100, uploading the two tickets to the AeroSorteo website generates a chance. People will also be able to see on the web, by logging in, how many chances they have registered.
To accompany this proposal, throughout the duration of the promotion, an interactive space will be installed in the air terminal where visitors can experience the sensation of sitting in an airplane seat and through a window to see the world from above, to ” travel” without taking your feet off the ground.

What are the affiliated businesses?

The businesses participating in the promotion, at their premises within the Carrasco Airport, are Aeropuertos VIP Club, AeroShop, Assist Card, Avis, Britt Shop, Budget, Dufry, Europcar, Global Exchange, Hertz, La Compañía Del Oriente, McCafé, McDonald’s , Airport Parking, Patria, Patria Café, Pick & Pock, Airport Hairdresser, Rincón del Tannat, San Roque, Starbucks, Sun Catcher, Airport Taxi, Travel Market, TripStore, Verdenia, and Victoria’s Secret.

As clarified from the Airport, it is not necessary to travel to participate, since many of the participating premises are in a public area, where you can enter as a visitor.

September 30 is the date on which the draw will take place, after which the name of whoever has been favored by Fortuna will be announced.

This promotional action is the first major raffle carried out by Carrasco Airport, through which it seeks to inspire and promote travel after such special years for the sector.

“Travel is an unforgettable experience that allows us to create memories that last a lifetime, discover new cultures and get closer to everything the world has to offer. It is an honor to be able to be a witness and part of this whole process”, concluded Carluccio.

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