The anti-song of summer (3): ‘Vacaciones’, by Federal Airlines

Although Madrid’s movida ended up monopolizing the spotlight, in the 80s there was another scene with similar parameters, also baptized as movida, but in the Vigo style. that’s where this comes from goofy anti-summer chant, anti-tourist package and defender, in the end, of selfless working hours as a compass for life, because there, it seems, there is less room for traumatic disappointment. We’re talking about ‘Vacaciones’, a song by that reckless pop group with ‘punk’ edges called Aerolineas Federales.

Actually, it’s a very free version of ‘Summer nights’, the song from ‘Grease’ in which Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) evoked, each on their own (and in somewhat different versions: his boastful, her prim), the fleeting flirtation that united them in time Of summer. But everything that there referred to the libidinous dabbling in the sand or the vows of love under the pier takes on the form of a nightmare in the voices of the chatty Galician combo.

That frustrated ‘playboy’

‘Vacaciones’ turns the theme around and turns it into a satire where the trip to the dream beach destination (both Marín, in Pontevedra, and Brazil and Hawaii are mentioned) goes awry and the protagonist ends up begging someone to come and rescue him. The singing voice is provided by Miguel Costas, who had been an original member of Siniestro Total, to whom the choirs of his sister Rosa de él and Coral Alonso reply with salt shakers. In your intimate fantasy, he sighs with flirting “a lot” and coming back “a complete playboy”.

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Once there, the fatal twist: “They robbed me and I can’t pay / at the hotel they made me do the washing up.” And what’s worse: “I’m a laughing stock among Swedish women”. So, as a climax to the theme, while they savor the parody (“holidays, holidays, Swedish, disco and champagne”), he assumes the debacle and draws conclusions: “Holidays, holidays, the balls, it’s better to work”.

The song was part of the first homonymous album by Federal Airlines (1986), of which the Dro label sold 25,000 copies. The group was integrated there in a Vigo movement that had among its protagonists Siniestro Total, Golpes Bajo, Os Resentidos (with Antón Reixa) and Semen Up (Alberto Comesaña, before Amistades Dangerous), and over time he would be attributed the (debatable) honor of precursor of the ‘tontipop’. The ‘federal’ saga is not intimidated: there are The Riggos, a punk-rock group created by the children of Miguel Costas, and the emerging pop voice dani (in lowercase), daughter of Rosa Costas and the former bassist of the band, Silvino Diaz.

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