the Batea Mahuida hill was covered with snow, look how it is during the winter holidays

“There’s much snow. It is a spectacular day, with a lot of people, the truth is that we started the season in a very nice way”, says the head of operation of the Batea Mahuida, Manuel Calfuqueo and invites the Snow Park. This season they improved the service at the refuge, with more menus and better facilities.

“It’s a lot of snow, it’s been a couple of years since it snowed so much. I think that until October, we will surely have snow”, says Manuel from the hill. He accompanies his words with photos from there, in which he se sees the shelter with snow up to the roof and clarifies that the hill is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and hours and services are subject to weather conditions.

The means of elevation have a towing capacity of 500 passengers per hour.

is that since A few weeks ago it hasn’t stopped snowing. That makes the hill in its best version, although it also often complicates access. For this reason, you must always inform yourself on the page before uploading. «The accesses can be complicated, because there can be ice. Although it is double hand, you have to wear chains, “says Manuel. Check the status of services here.

On the hill, they maintain that the Batea Mahuida is a place “that squanders postcards at every step, especially from above, among the araucarias that dominate the landscape, and from which you can see the Moquehue and Aluminé lakes».

The slopes chosen for the practice of sports are optimal for their accumulation of snow and shelter from the wind.

The park is an ideal proposal for the family since It has an exclusive toboggan run for children. Also, if you want to learn to ski, there are instructors from the Mapuche Puel community, who offer individual and group ski and snowboard classes.

To enjoy its slopes, it offers half-day and full-day passes, and rates for residents have a special discount. And if you don’t like skiing or snowboarding, there are snowmobile rides to the top of the volcano or snowshoeing.

«They are tours that are contracted that last hours. on a snowmobile They take you to the volcano. That is contracted right there, in the rental”, said the member of the Puel community.

The hill is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hours and services subject to weather conditions.

How much does it cost to ski in Batea Mahuida de Villa Pehuenia

To enjoy its slopes, the park proposes full-day passes in high season for $3,500 and in low season $2,800. You must add the equipment rental, the full day at $2,100 (high season) $1,900 (low) and about $2,400 for the lifts. If you want to take classes, it will cost you at least $2,000 for one hour (maximum 5 people).

It has an exclusive toboggan run for children.

Passes can be purchased online from this year.

The high season will be from the opening until on August 27 and low from August 27 until closing. There are discounts for contingents (more than 10) Retirees and children under 10 years of age, they do not pay a pass. The values ​​are subject to change and there is more information at

How to get to Villa Pehuenia and Batea Mahuida

From the city of Neuquen, 370 kmTake National Route 22 to the city of Zapala. In this town you can take Provincial Route 13 through Primeros Pinos in the direction of Villa Pehuenia. From there you travel 118 km, 50 by paved road and the rest by consolidated gravel.

Another option is to leave from Zapala along Provincial Route 46, passing through the Laguna Blanca National Park towards the town of Aluminé, 121 km away. From this point it is 63 km to reach Villa Pehuenia, always bordering the Aluminé River. You should always check the status of the routes before leaving.

For real-time information on the status of routes and access to Villa Pehueniaconsult the Neuquén Provincial Road Administration: Tel: 0810-333-RUTA (7882), Online daily report: Click here

To get to the hill, you will have to travel another 8 km along the same provincial route 13 until you come across the access road to Batea Mahuida.

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