the best places less than 2 hours from the City of Buenos Aires

IT IS very easy accesssince from Buenos Aires you can drive by the national route 7 to Lujánfrom that point take the path that leads to Carlos Ken and there it will only remain to drive about 7 kilometers more for a paved road to reach.

In Villa Ruiz there is several places of historical and cultural interest: the old Camino Real that Viceroy Sobremonte made towards upper Peru, the Tejo bowling alley, the Posta de Figueroa and the site where the battle of Cañada de la Cruz was fought. Another point that can be visited is its old train station, today the Villa Ruiz museum.

This town is located 110 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and, on the way, you can also visit Luján and Carlos Keen.

Saint Andrew of Giles

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is located at 103 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires and can be accessed both by routes national route 7 as along provincial route 41. It is a city quiet and ideal for a weekend getaway. In addition, in its vicinity you can visit towns such as San Antonio de Areco.

In the central square you can see historic buildings such as the Saint Andrew the Apostle Churchremodeled several times and the Municipal Palace. You can also visit the Doctor Fernando Lillia municipal parkthe green lung of the city, where you can practice various sports.

A historical place of central national significance when visiting San Andrés de Giles, is the Estancia la Merced or Posta de Figueroa. Important historical events of our country took place there, for example, in its rooms was signed “the Charter of the Hacienda de Figueroa” by Juan Manuel de Rosas addressed to Facundo Quiroga.

San Miguel del Monte

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To this town located 110 kilometers from Capital Federal can be easily reached by car taking the Ezeiza – Cañuelas highway and, later, the national route 3. It has a lagoon of 740 hectares and 15 km of green around that attracts people from all over the province.

In the lagoon they practice all kinds of water sportssuch as swimming, motor boating, jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing. It is also a place famous for its fishing clubs and campsites. At night, its extensive waterfront lights up and fills with people in bars and restaurants who gather to enjoy an evening in front of the lagoon. The menus are varied, although the grill and its specialty, the grilled goat, prevail.

San Miguel del Monte is one of the oldest cities in the province of Buenos Aireswith origins in colonial times. This is reflected in its colonial buildings that are preserved to this day. It also has places of historical importance, many of them related to the history of Juan Manuel de Rosas, who owned several farms and fields in the area.

Around the town there are different stays which you can enter to see the animals and also offer rural activities, such as horseback riding, hiking and carriage rides. In addition, from there you can go to visit nearby towns such as Abbott, Francisco A. Berra or Zenón Videla Dorna to live an authentic Creole experience.

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