The Binance card arrives in Argentina: what is it for and how to acquire it?

The platform Binance presented his card in Argentina, which allows converting cryptocurrencies in real time when making transactions. In this way, Chang Peng Zhaothe CEO of this company, announced -through his official Twitter account- that Binance Card will be available in the country, which will make this nation the first of Latin America where this product arrives.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur behind this company designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies He clarified that on July 7 there was a previous launch for some users as a test, and projected that “it will soon be in more regions.”

The CEO of Binance reported that the Binance Card is available in ArgentinaTwitter

Through this card, users will be able to keep their cryptocurrencies in the funds wallet and exchange this money when making payments without need to pre-convert cryptocurrencies to make purchases.

Currently, the Binance Card can be used with the following cryptocurrencies: BNB, Binance USD, USD Tether, Bitcoin, Swipe Token, Etherium, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Decetraland and USDC.

People who can access Binance Card in Argentina they are those who have a valid National Identity Document (DNI) and who reside in the country. In addition, they must be registered in the exchangewhich can be done as online.

The binance card can be requested through the official website and requires identity verification. Then, a PIN is configured for the physical card, with which you can start operating. After that, the address to which the card will be sent is confirmed and the personal data is completed.

The Binance Card allows you to buy and spend with 11 different cryptocurrencies
The Binance Card allows you to buy and spend with 11 different cryptocurrenciesShutterstock-Shutterstock

It should be noted that the Binance Card It works in the same way as other cards of this nature already available in Argentina, such as Lemon or Belo. In addition, users of this card will be able to make purchases at the more than 60 million commercial establishments that accept Mastercard throughout the world.

Whoever uses it can get up to 8 percent of refund in BNB (the cryptocurrency of the entity) every time you spend with the card, and this money will always be credited in BUSDthe stable coins of Binance pegged to the value of the dollar. In this regard, it is important to clarify that the amount returned is directly linked to the average monthly BNB balance that is available in the wallet in a period of 29 days, from the previous day.

The binance prepaid card allows purchases of up to $90,000 per day and $360,000 pesos per month. At ATMs, a maximum of $45,000 can be withdrawn per day or $180,000 in a month.

On the other hand, being a free cardThere are no inactivity or account closure fees. In the event that the user requires a replacement, they must pay for issuance costs. For each transaction (includes purchases and ATM withdrawals), a commission of up to 0.9% is charged.

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