The bomb that Estefi Berardi revealed about Camila Homs and her boyfriend

The model has been in a relationship for two months, however things do not seem to be so good.

After the separation of Rodrigo DePauland then with the confirmation of the affair of his ex with Tini Stoessel, Camila Homs He became one of the media’s favorite characters.

The young woman was the one who accompanied the footballer in his beginnings in the Racing youth teams, and when the time came to leave the country, he continued to do so at every step of his career. However, that did not help her 11-year love story to end well, even though they had two children in common.

Despite the pain that he showed to feel in the various interviews he gave in recent times, Camila Homs He was able to recount the love of the hand of the businessman Charly Benvenuto, with whom he made his sentimental bond official last June at an important event at the Hotel Alvear.

It was with him that she recently made a trip to the beaches of Europe, where she enjoyed a few days in Ibiza, the same destination that her ex chose, Rodrigo DePaulto share your free time with your new partner, Tini Stoessel.

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But now, who revealed new information about the relationship he maintains Camila Homs with Welcome was Stephanie Berardi in Mañanísima, Carmen Barbieri’s program on the screen of Ciudad Magazine.

There, the panelist added information about how the vacation days of the model and her partner were. “Yesterday I showed you the photos of Cami Homs with her new boyfriend in Madrid. When I saw the photos I said ‘I would like to chat with someone who has seen them there in Madrid’. And I came to a person who attended them, ”she recounted.

A couple living their first two months of love is expected to be in a moment of total passion and falling in love, but what the source he agreed to revealed Estefi Berardi it was just the opposite.

“This person told me: ‘Honestly, I saw them as boring as they could be. They didn’t even speak. At lunch she was on the phone all the time. There were no looks, no kisses, no hugs, nothing,'” said the former Combat.

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“They saw that in the photos there are no demonstrations of affection. The photos gave me as if they were emboldened. And this source told me that he did not see them very passionate. If this does not work out for you at the beginning of the relationship … It turned out for me weird,” he added.

To close the topic, berardi He expressed something that he had already heard in other places: “Those who saw them said that the relationship was like very cold.” Is she really in love?

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