The canchero look that Anto Roccuzzo chose for the Ed Sheeran recital and the fashion detail that did not go unnoticed

It’s no secret that Antonella Roccuzzo is a faithful follower of Ed Sheeran’s music. His social networks are flooded with songs from the British quite often. The footballer’s wife Leo Messi attended his last concert in Paris this weekend, Franceand his look did not go unnoticed. In addition, there was a detail in the photo that she shared of the event that caught her attention.

Last September, he missed the opportunity to meet his idol. Sheeran went to see a game of the Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City for the Champions League and, at the end, he met the footballer from Rosario and they took a picture. Two months later, he would dedicate a video to Roccuzzo and regret not having crossed paths with her.

Antonella met the singer at his recital in Paris.Instagram: @antonellaroccuzzo

“Sorry we didn’t see each other in Paris, but I’m going to play again next summer at the Stade de France. If you want to come, you are more than invited and I have a vinyl record for you too”, expressed the British. But the dream of the mother of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro was fulfilled.

Roccuzzo was happy during the recital of the author of "Perfect".
Roccuzzo was happy during the recital of the author of “Perfect”.Instagram: @antonellaroccuzzo

Antonella attended this Saturday the recital that the singer held in Paris and shared photos on her Instagram account with your VIP pass. Roccuzzo She was wearing white ripped knee-length jeans and an orange tank top.accompanied by a bag to match the pants.

You finally met him!”, pointed out one of Roccuzzo’s followers.

Antonella shared a photo through Instagram in which she appears with the author of “Perfect”, in which the Spanish soccer player also appears Cesc Fabregashis wife daniella week and one of their daughters in common, Mary Taktouk.

The three female figures they chose very similar colors and looks for their clothingin tune with European summer trends. A) Yes, orange, combined with black and white, dominate their outfits. At the same time, Semaan and Roccuzzo agreed with the ripped jeansthat gave a relaxed touch to their suits.

Antonella and Sheeran together with Cesc Fábregas, Daniella Semaan and one of their daughters in common, María Taktouk.
Antonella and Sheeran together with Cesc Fábregas, Daniella Semaan and one of their daughters in common, María Taktouk.Instagram: @antonellaroccuzzo

For its part, Taktouk opted for orange jogging pants and a black tune with his mother, who preferred to combine it with a jean.

Antonella and Messi met again in Paris after a period of distance the player’s trip to japan for the preseason of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and shared the romantic moment with their followers on social networks.

“With the”wrote Roccuzzo, next to the photo with her husband at the entrance of the Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris. As always, the man of influence sets a trend and was seen with an elegant fuchsia dress and white heeled sandals. The footballer opted for a suit with a shirt and white sneakers. The publication obtained more than 800 thousand pleasures.

In addition, the couple revealed the room in which they stayed at the prestigious hotel. Through a filmed tour, Antonella showed the room, decorated with pieces of art and antiques, with an exceptional view of the Eiffel Tower and to the Parisian city. The decoration with a path of candles for the arrival of the couple did not go unnoticed either.

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