The cry of Paula Chaves with the biker who helped her during her daughter’s seizures: “You risked your life”

The moving reunion of Paula Chaves with the biker who assisted her with her children (Video: “Cortá por Lozano”, Telefe)

Paula Chavez was reunited live with the young biker who assisted her last week in the middle of the Pan-American highway when she was trying to reach the medical center guard because her youngest daughter Philiptwo-year-old, had convulsed in the car while driving balthazarout of five, because it was broken.

These days, the driver is in front of Cut by Lozanoby Telefe, replacing Verónica Lozano, who took a vacation. And it was there that the model asked the production to invite Nahuel so that people could meet him since, in addition, the young man is looking for a job.

“I can’t say more than thank you”Paula was honest when she received Nahuel, who arrived at the studio accompanied by his mother, María Rosa, who was crying behind the camera, moved by the enormous gesture that her son had had days ago. “Thank you for this wonderful son,” the driver told him, from mom to mom.

Already sitting in the living room of the program, Pedro Alfonso’s wife recounted the dramatic situation that she defined as “a movie”. It all happened while she was driving on the highway on her way to the Trinidad San Isidro Sanatorium to attend to her son who had been sick. Filipa began to convulse due to a fever and she desperately asked for help. “From seeing two women trying to run to the cars, Nahuel appears and tells me ‘follow me’”Paula told and added that only later, reviewing the sequence, did she notice that the young man took a street in the opposite direction while she was driving behind him.

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“He acted as a shield so that I could go behind his motorcycle and get to the clinic. We did 100 meters against the hand against any car that could turn and go against you “Paula told Nahuel, visibly moved, and in tears. The young man, attentive to the driver’s story, and remembering the episode, assured that at that moment he did not realize that it was a street against the hand. “I saw your desperate face and it was like seeing my mom. It was the first thing that came to my mind.”Nahuel explained, putting his hand to his heart.

Paula assured that at that moment “I was upset” and she doubted that the young man had recognized her. He, for his part, said that he only found out that it was her on Saturday night before a call from his mother, after the driver made the story public through social networks, where he began a search to find his whereabouts.

Paula Chaves shared a photo of her reunion with Nahuel on her social networks (Instagram)
Paula Chaves shared a photo of her reunion with Nahuel on her social networks (Instagram)

Then, the driver continued with her story. “We made a block against the hand, I behind him, we managed to get to the clinic, where I I got out like in the movies, when you kick the door open and walk in with your fading baby. But first, to him -who was wearing a helmet and with everything they wear when they ride a motorcycle- I looked him in the eye, gave him my car key and told him ‘my son is left behind, I ask you to please bring him down to upa and take him inside’. I gave him the key to the truck and ran inside. I didn’t have time to grab Baltazar. As much as I knew that the seizure was going to end and that nothing was going to happen to Filipa, at that moment I could do nothing but give you the most valuable thing: my children, the key to my truck. And I went in,” he told Nahuel.

Already in the guard, while the professionals assisted Filipa, Paula thought about Baltazar and that she had left him in charge of that young man who had helped her and whom she had met minutes before. “I saw his look through the helmet”, she highlighted about Nahuel. “And there Nahui appeared with Baltazar upa, inside the guard”.

“He didn’t let go of me anymore, he was like a tick. I was scared, poor thing.”Nahuel added about the five-year-old boy, who then commented to the driver: “You left me with a boy with a helmet, mom.” Immediately, Paula told her son that he was a superhero. “I felt that he was a spectacular kid and he confirmed it for me. Nahui, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for having been there, for having risked your life going against the hand. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart, ”he told the young man through tears. And he spoke to his mother again. “Thank you, María Rosa, for this wonderful son.”


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