The dates, destinations and prices to travel cheaper taking advantage of Previaje 3

With the confirmation of the launch of preview 3the pre-sale program of trips through Argentina that reimburses 50% of the expenses, many travelers are already beginning to plan what will be the next destiny that they will visit The dates on which it can be used have already been known, prices maximums that hotels will have and for what destinations.

According to government sources, the third edition of the program will be launched next week and will be aimed at promoting domestic tourism in the low season. Therefore, it can be used in the months of October and November.

“This preview 3 What he is basically looking for is this off-season policy in October, November, with an investment from the national State, which this time is asking for reciprocity in matters of prices“, the Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini, told Télam Radio.


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