The difficult moment of Nicolás Cabré: “Most likely, it will hurt me worse”

Nicholas Cabre He made a drastic decision and communicated it to his more than 194,000 Instagram followers. Despite the fact that she did everything possible to be part of it, the actor was forced not to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon and shared his frustration on social media.

The 42-year-old heartthrob opened his own Instagram account less than a month ago and, since then, has shared postcards of his day-to-day life with users. In addition to replicating some stories of fans who go to see him at the theater, in the play a woman hurts mewhich stars alongside mercedes funes Y Carlos PortaluppiCabré also publishes the best photos of his training sessions. Although not everyone knows it, he is passionate about athletics and showing that not so well-known side was one of the objectives of his arrival on the networks.

Nicolás Cabré could not run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon (Photo: Instagram Capture @nicolascabre80)

A little the idea of ​​this is to show not only work. It is sharing training sessions, races and those things that those of us who run do. Those things that make us happy”, Cabré wrote in a post that served as a summary of his profile runner. However, in the last hours, he had no choice but to prioritize his health and withdraw from one of the sporting events that he had been waiting for a long time.

Although he had specially prepared to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon, which took place this Sunday morning, Cabré decided to put a stop to his desire and preserve his knee. “Today I am going to tell you that after several attempts, I decided that it is best not to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon.”, reported the actor through a post that he published this Saturday afternoon, hours before they start from Figueroa Alcorta Avenue. And he added: “The knee would not be helping and asks for rest”.

"On Sunday 21 it runs again": Nicolás Cabré was preparing for the Buenos Aires Half Marathon (Photo: Instagram Capture @nicolascabre80)
“On Sunday the 21st they run again”: Nicolás Cabré was preparing for the Buenos Aires Half Marathon (Photo: Instagram Capture @nicolascabre80)

Cabré recognized that surely “the race, the adrenaline or the desire to do something he enjoys” would allow him to reach the finish line, but that it would be a serious mistake. “It will most likely hurt me worse and make it hurt more. Thats the reality. Sometimes the best thing is to know how to pass… (no matter how angry it is)”, he wrote and reflected: “I don’t think I’m saying something you don’t know. But sometimes we don’t see, or don’t want to see, the most well-known, the simplest things. And they have to repeat it to us a thousand times”.

The emotional tone of the message continued with a strong thanks to his loved ones, who “teach” him and “take care of him,” said Rufina’s father. “For this reason, I want to thank those who are with me, those who teach me, all those who show me their love by advising me… telling me to pass this time. Thank you for teaching me and taking care of me. I see it as a hug and with this I want to hug you. Thank you! And good luck to everyone tomorrow!“, held.

As a postscript, and to add some humor to the matter, he added between laughing emojis: “There’s no denying that the photo adds a bit of drama, can’t it?”.

Nicolás Cabré, passionate about athletics (Photo: Instagram @ nicolascabre80)
Nicolás Cabré, passionate about athletics (Photo: Instagram @ nicolascabre80)

The Buenos Aires Half Marathon had a call for 20,000 runners who gave their best effort in the 21 kilometers and 97 meters of the route. Who kept the gold in the men’s category was bayatadibaba, of Ethiopiawith a time of 01:00:29; and, in the women’s, Irene Kimais, of Kenya, who finished the journey in 01:07:59.

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