The discomfort of Las Leonas after being stranded in an airport after the World Cup final

Claim of the Lionesses against Air France

After so many weeks away from home and the runner-up in Spain, The lioness they intended to melt into a hug with their family, friends and loved ones. The defeat with the Netherlands in the final It left a bitter taste, but they have nothing to complain about. However, a mishap at the airport before boarding for the return trip caused tempers to fray and patience to be completely lost.

Agustina Albertario was one of the first to complain: “Air France, they are the worst airline. They canceled our flight, they made us wait three hours for a bus and they sent us to a hotel 90 kilometers from the airport. We’ve been going around since 15 pm!! Shame!! A month and a half away from home”. And he added: “Let’s go again! Thank you Air France for being the worst airline in the world. Trying to get back home, part 2. They don’t take care of anything.”

Eugenia Trichinetti He made a broader disclaimer and fully described the situation: “Yesterday we went to the airport to take our flight to return home after playing a World Cup and they canceled the flight to our face, previously sending us an email saying that the flight was going perfectly. His solution was to send us to a hotel 100km from the airport, we had to wait for a bus that arrived three hours later, carrying all our luggage from one place to another, without anyone’s help. The next day we woke up at 7am to travel again to the airport. Luckily they cared a lot and got us a flight with a stopover in Amsterdam for 6 hours. We are still on a journey to reach our country.”

The Lionesses complained on social networks about the treatment they received

Claims on social networks spread to majo garnet: “Here is the solution that Air France gives us after canceling our flight, sending us to a hotel 100km away, putting us on a new flight with a 6-hour stopover in Amsterdam. THEY ARE A SHAME!”. And also to Vicky Sauze: “The claim offices are great… Not a single person you can talk to at any airport, incredible.”

In the last hours the players also spoke in A24 and expressed their discomfort. “We are dead, when we arrived at the airport we thought everything was fine because we had received an email from the airline, but they wanted us to stay three more days. In addition, they took us to another hotel that was not ours and the truth is that we want to go home, because we left more than a month and a half ago, “he explained. Albertarium.

Yesterday we were with 60 bags and no one from the company came to help us. Nor do they show commitment to collaborate with our problem. They told us that we are going back tonight, but we don’t know. The only thing we ask is that the flight leaves”, completed the forward.

“Luckily, the Confederation is paying us the travel expenses and the hotel was given to us by the airline. But They sent us 100 kilometers away, in a place where all the people on vacation were with very loud music. None could sleep. It is a stress to have to talk about this and not about the achievements that we were able to achieve, ”she concluded.

The adverse 1-3 in the final did not overshadow a sublime tournament of the selectedthat is still in the process of formation and with a generation of young people that promises to shine internationally. The Netherlands consolidated as three-time champion of the Hockey World Cup and, despite being superior throughout the final, suffered several downturns due to the intensity of the Argentines. To the tears of sadness and discomfort that the fall represented in the decisive instance was added this airport mishap that prolonged the hours of waiting to get home. The feeling when they step on Argentine soil will be the same: that the duty was fulfilled.


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