The dramatic moment of Aníbal Pachano: he has to be operated on for a tumor in the head

The artist spoke about his health and explained that he will undergo surgery in the first days of September

viviana saccone debuted in the role of host in the cycle Lifetimeon the Net TV screen, and one of his guests in the living room was Hannibal Pachano. The artist reviewed his successful career in the theatrical world and also He took a few minutes to talk openly about his health. With resilience as a flag, He said that since September of last year he had some episodes that alerted him to go to the doctor, and revealed that although initially it was controlled with medication, within a few days he will have to be operated on.

He first recalled the moment he was diagnosed with lung cancer and brain metastases in 2017, and I send strength to those who are going through something similar. “So that people are not left alone in fear or fright, I want to tell them that it is possible, that it is good to talk about the subject with all the letters and that I I’m on my way to one healing because I never stopped projecting”, he remarked. In this sense, he explained that humor was his great ally to find strength, and the lessons he learned led him to present his latest play So… I’m backsince later he will bet on another contribution from behind the scenes, since he will continue producing and working as a text actor.

“Now I have to operate on a tumor in my head”revealed, and provided all the details. “This way they don’t break up and bother my daughter (Sofia Pachano), I am going to operate again because I have an inflamed tumor on the left side, which is in the motor area. So between September 20 and 23 I am going to operate. Then he explained that since he had a check-up eleven months ago, the doctors have been attentive to the evolution of his condition due to the symptoms he had: “While on stage my leg was paralyzed, and I have terrible sinusitis, but I cope with it” .

The artist said that he will undergo surgery in the coming days for a brain tumor

“In this last resonance it emerged that a part that covers it had enlarged and that I had two options: try with rays. but that is palliative and temporary because the tumor is still there, and the other option was to extract it directly. So I decided to go one for the latter without hesitation,” she explained. And he reflected: “This process that I had during these five years of the disease was to understand what was happening to me and why. One is going to reach limits that you have to cross”.

Last April Pachano had an intimate chat with teleshowwhere he assured that his life was a long apprenticeship and that he wants to convey a hopeful message to his followers. “I have worked since I was twelve years old: I know what it is to have money and what it is to have nothing. I have been going through everything: when I received honors as an architect, and when I received honors as an artist in front of an audience; and luckily, I always had that potential to be able to generate changes in my life”.

About the relationship with his daughter, who inherited the artistic passion that they transmitted to her as a child, he was honest: “I have been a present father who has always taken care of me. Many times I have argued with her, like anyone. She also pointed out that there were pivotal moments where she understood that it was time to invade Sofí’s life less: “I had to set my daughter free and pay her off, but she responded to many attacks from people who were supposed to be free and were retrograde. However, they remain the same; and I, with HIV, cancer and diabetes on top, I feel divine”.


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