The drastic decision of Camila Homs on Rodrigo de Paul

In the midst of all this, and while remaining questions continue to be added, Camila He made a drastic decision and announced that he will no longer talk about his former partner.

“It’s my decision to stop with the media… I’ve already talked a lot, now I’m fine like this”the blonde told Show Partners.

I’m fine, I’m in a relationship, I’m happy. She already knows my children. They didn’t meet Rodrigo but everything is fine.” added regarding his new partner, the businessman Charlie welcome.

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The unusual clarification of Tini Stoessel’s father about the “like” against Camila Homs

Weekend, Alexander Stoessel, Tini’s father, “liked” a tweet from a user who targeted Camila Homsthe ex of Rodrigo dePaul. After a few hours, the producer removed that like.

“The truth is that we support Rodrigo de Paul, the ex is a conflict, he can not believe that he left her, now he realizes that he is not the navel of the world, I hope that Tini’s father files a criminal complaint for slander and insults, Let’s see how he goes,” said the post where the father of the former Disney girl released a heart.

This Tuesday in JUSTICE (America television), Ángel de Brito said that Alejandro Stoessel wrote to him after the commotion that was generated by his reaction to said tweet. The producer told the driver that this “like” did not exist.

“It was circulated that I had given a ‘like’ to an aggressive comment against Camila. That is false. I know that you trust my word and I am going to share a direct message, which I received on Twitter, from a journalist from First Fruits Nowwhich is Juan Pablo Godino, where he asked me about versions that say that I was going to start a lawsuit against Camila. Obviously, I didn’t answer him because the question didn’t make any sense no livelihood,” Tini’s father explained to the driver.

“The same portal, two hours later, at 11:30, uploads information entitled: the controversial I like mine to a comment from a user. What I did was check my Twitter because no one is exempt from giving a ‘like’ without intendingbut effectively that ‘like’ did not exist on my Twitter. The striking thing is that when I look at the note, with the supposed screenshot of my tweet, the ‘like’ was given at 8:10. With which, the journalist, who wrote to me at 9:10, should have the information of my ‘like’. And at no time does he refer to that fact in his question, “the producer completed in the message he sent to Ángel.


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