The English town that belonged to the royalty in which you have to pay to enter

The small town of Clovelly, on the Devon coast in England, is one of the most picturesque from this country. Used as inspiration by numerous artistsit falls within the exclusive group of privately owned villages in the UK.

This has meant that to visit it, the traveler has to pay €10 for the general rate, and €6 for the kids. In this way, its visitor center, inaugurated in 1988, together with the sledges, make up the adaptation of this town of 1,000 years old to modern times, while maintaining the essence of the past.

To this day, Clovelly lacks from automobiles, chain stores, noise and light pollution, and traffic. Instead, the spectacular structure of the municipality is made up of cobbled roadswhitewashed cottages, small boats bobbing on the 14th century stone wharf, and the stunning smells, sounds and sights coming from the Atlantic.

Clovelly, Devon, England
Clovelly, Devon, England
Tatiana Tomsickova (istock)

His story

To understand the reason for his belonging to royalty, we must go back to the eleventh century, when Clovelly was included in the doomsday bookthe oldest public record in England. At that time, the municipality belonged to William the Conquerorwhich he gave to his wife Matilda of Flanders, the first crowned queen of England.

Later, in the 13th century, the property passed into the hands of the cary familywho in the 16th century ordered the construction of the current portbeing the only way to protect the boats. Today, the management and ownership of the town is in the hands of the Clovelly Real Estate Companydirected by John Rush, descendant the hamlyn familywhich acquired the town in the eighteenth century.

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An inspiration for artists

The atmosphere that Clovelly gives off and its incredible beauty has made it Muse and main place for movies Sense and Sensibility (2008) year Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018). Furthermore, over the centuries it has inspired artists and writers from JMW Turner until Charles Dickens.

Yet no one has seen her as more of a muse than the 19th-century novelist and poet Charles Kingsleywho lived here when he was a child. “Now that you’ve seen the old and dear Paradiseyou know what the inspiration of my life was before I met you,” he wrote to his wife after their first visit in 1854.

What to do in Clovelly?

This spectacular town is a tourist attraction in itself, since you can enjoy the incredible streets, but also the different stores that supply the city and are directed by the own inhabitants.

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In addition, numerous events Y festivals that gather a lot of tourists as they are ‘The day of the lifeboat (August 7, 2022), or outdoor plays such as Summer night Dream either War of the Worlds. Whoever wants to access all the programming can do so through the town’s official page.

Clovelly Pier
Clovelly Pier
Rolf E. Staerk (istock)

How to get

Clovelly is located in the southwestern part of England and 373 kilometers from the capital. In this way, the best option to go from London It is in a private vehicle, whose trip lasts 4 hours and 30 minutes approximately by the M4 and M5 roads.

On the other hand, from Exeter the journey is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes the A377 road.

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