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One of the romances of the summer came from the hand of Gastón Soffritti and Cande Molfese, who have been knowing each other for some time, after the harsh separation she had with Ruggero Pasquarelli. At the time of her, the actress talked about how she ended everything with the Italian.

“It disappointed me and made me believe many things that were not. I think we all experience disappointment in love at some point. The disappointment is with oneself, because you don’t listen to yourself, you don’t believe in your intuition. In reality, one is where he wants to be. There is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see. revealed.

And I add: “It made me believe many things that in the end were not. You finish knowing the person when you separate. It is very, but for that. You say: who was I with? What happened? She was not the person that I thought. In a pandemic many personal files fell on me. There were always rumors and voices. Beyond the specific event, it happened to me that it made me angry because I knew where we were standing and I was not encouraged to make the decision “.

Regarding his affair with ceilingsin LAM they told: “The two went through the track of Tinelli, they are very popular within their young audience, some scandal in the past, he. She went out with a famous”. At that moment, Fernanda Iglesias revealed: “He was a relative of a little angel”, “He went out with the daughter of Nazarena Vélez”he claimed Angel of Brito.

“They are seeing each other, there was a trip to the south together, a while ago, nobody uploaded anything on the networks. She told Twitch that she was seeing a boy”the LAM panelist sentenced about the romance she is having Gaston ceilings Y cande molfese.

Previously, the actor revealed what he would do while the doors of acting are difficult: “As an actor sometimes I think I have nothing more to give. But I understand that this job there are times that you are and others that you are not. Sometimes it’s frustrating. I’ve gotten into businesses that have nothing to do with my vocation, I started a brewery. It happens to me that I have to put together other projects because acting alone is not enough“.

As a child I was afraid of making mistakes. Before the directors were very hard. You worked on projects where you were conditioned. The directors did not understand that you were a boy. I lived it with a lot of responsibility and now I take it as a game“, he recalled.

Before there were dictatorial figures, both producers and directors. Now he was humanized. I had to live this from a very young age. I remember crying on a recording set, with something a director told me. They weren’t going to solve anything by fucking me up. Same cameramen. There was a lot of mistreatment on set,” he claimed.

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