The ex-wife of La Tota Santillán spoke and revealed chilling details: I found it…

In an interview with Karina Mazzocco, declared having always had “good communication with La Tota for the boys” and assured that “he was always a good dad, at the foot of the canyon”, and beyond not having prospered as a couple “We get along very well because we both come from below.”

Regarding the confusing episode that took place on Wednesday, he claimed to have been at the house of The WholeY having been one of the people who decided to hospitalize her ex-husband. “I was with him on Wednesday, with my daughter, I called the prepaid, the psychiatrist, and we advised each other at all times”story. “I found him very sad, very depressive”, fired the woman who attributes this depressive picture to the death of her brother.

“He couldn’t get over his brother’s death”said Monica, who believes that the trigger for this new crisis could have been the fact that the tropical entertainer is not taking his medication properly.

“Daniel said that he was taking the medication, but my daughter told me that she doubted it. Until recently he did, I attest, but the brother thing triggered everything and it may be that he has suspended the treatment himself ”, hill.

In in the afternoonThey gave exclusive information: Next Monday, La Tota’s family doctor will visit the Luján clinic to decide if he will continue to be hospitalized or not, and under what conditions. Visits are currently prohibited.

Concern for the health of La Tota Santillán: he was hospitalized urgently

For a long time, Daniel La Tota Santillán has suffered from depression and the death of his brother would have exacerbated the situation. The television host was transferred, apparently by decision of his daughter, and he was admitted to the Güemes Sanatorium.

“I saw him badly on Saturday, with a psychiatric crisis. Then his daughter admitted him. He was very depressed”counted Luis Ventura in In the afternoon (America TV). The journalist had already advanced in his cycle True Secrets (America television) the dramatic picture that lived The All.

Next, fortune said that there was a confusing episode between Danielaone of the driver’s daughters, and her lawyer, loneliness lopez “They had a great discussion. The lawyer says that the hospitalization is not justified. The beatings and violence began. It is a dramatic situation,” he said.

“As I understand it, the lawyer called her lawyer to remove him from the place, and the daughter refused,” detailed fortune and stated that in the next few hours, he would be transferred to a clinic in Luján, where he was previously treated.

“The crossing begins at La Tota’s house in Castelar. La Toma suffers from a picture of depression and bipolarity. He was very depressed because he wanted to see his little daughters. There he has an argument with his daughter Daniela. The blows happen in the guard with the lawyer. La Tota called her on the trip. When Daniela met, she hit the lawyer, Daniel’s friend.”the cycle notero recounted from the sanatorium.


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