The favorite investment of Argentines with estimated returns of 40% in dollars

The uncertainty about the short term, inclines the searches to medium or long term options, with the expectation of returns above inflation and with returns in dollars.

Within the spectrum of financial assets, the alternatives are very varied, with greater or lesser risks and with different levels of knowledge. Bonds, commodities, bills, shares, time deposits or common funds, publicly or privately; the range is wide and Finding a tailored investment can be a challenge.

For those who are ready for the medium term, there are options in the real estate market that allow obtaining returns in dollars, in one of the historically most stable markets.

In Argentina, properties have always been chosen as a savings mechanism, since they are real assets and priced in dollars. However, despite the desirability of this market there is an undeniable reality: for Buying a property requires a large amount of money.

Faced with this problem, a national company introduced the real estate crowdfundingan excellent investment alternative in times of crisis. Thanks to technology, Crowdium democratized access to the “brick”, a tangible asset with legal certainty.

Today it is possible to invest from 25,000 pesos, and obtain estimated returns in dollars, proportional to the investment and allowing savings to be dollarized without limits. It is an effective method to give all investors access to the real estate market, until now reserved only for a few. In this way, investors can obtain income from the rental or sale of properties, with minimum amounts.

Crowdium was founded in 2015. Some of its projects distribute rental income of up to $400 per month and it has funded 20 portfolios among its more than 135,000 registered investors.

Recently, the Galperín giant, Mercado Libre, created an alliance to be able to offer exclusive Crowdium projects on its platform. Once again consolidating its approach to the world of finance, which began with the launch of Mercado Pago.

In addition, Crowdium developed a referral program where, from their profile, they can recommend the platform and get $5,000 for each registration. The money is deposited in the account indicated by the user, without the need to invest it or be an investor in a project.

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Through collaborative investments, the company allows all savers to participate in large real estate projects from small amounts.

The purpose is to obtain the returns generated by rentals and/or subsequent revaluation in dollars of the properties. Added to this, Crowdium structures private and independent trusts for each project, avoiding sharing risks of other developments.

The platform allows the investor to easily register, select a project and the amount with which to participate, both in pesos and dollars, and invest in just a few steps.

Today you are in the last hours to invest in Vaiv Belgrano, a development in the residential heart of Belgrano between Crámer and Cabildo avenues. Currently, they have already exceeded 95% of the amount necessary for the acquisition.

The company proposes to acquire well units, from 2 to 4 roomswith a big discount from the market price because it is a wholesale purchase of properties.

It will be one of the largest-scale projects on a corner, with a triple lot and a unique amenities offer in the area. A residential neighborhood of high demand, where the revaluation from the well to finished exceeds 10% per year on average; it is estimated to generate a total return between 30 and 40% in dollars in 36 months.

To access, those interested they can register and activate their account for free on the company’s platform. It can be accessed from the web or by calling 0800-220-2769 so that a commercial advisor can follow the process.

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