The first international critical acclaim for Argentina, 1985, already installed Ricardo Darín as a candidate for the best actor award in Venice

Important international media and some of the most prominent publications of the Hollywood press received with praise and very positive comments the presentation of Argentina, 1985, which had its world premiere this Saturday within the official competition of the Venice Film Festival.

The critics were known immediately after the most important projection of the four that were made of Argentina, 1985 this Saturday inside the sample. Most especially highlight the interpretation of Ricardo Darín, who was immediately installed as the first candidate to win the award for best actor this year.

At sunset in Venice, after the passage of the large Argentine delegation on the red carpet (during which a large blue and white flag was unfurled), Santiago Miter’s film about the historic trial of the authorities of the last military dictatorship received three rounds of closed and sustained applause from the public Convened in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema, the main venue of the exhibition at the Lido in Venice.

The Argentine flag in the middle of the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, supported by Chino Darín, the producer Victoria Alonso and Ricardo Darín Venice Film Festival Press

The first of those applause came when prosecutor Julio Strassera (played by Darín) closed his argument, which the film reproduces in its entirety, with the phrase “Judges, never again.” The second when the convictions of the military leaders are announced. And the third (the largest, according to what is read on the digital page of the Madrid newspaper El País), during the final titles.

One of the most outstanding praises (for the film and Darín’s performance) appears in the criticism of the English newspaper The Guardian. “There’s a bit of Hollywood thrill in this real-life courtroom drama, but it’s handled with fantastic style and sincere commitment, and Ricardo Darín offers a wonderful performance as the protagonist: witty, ironic, concerned, but idealistic”, points out the renowned English critic Peter Bradshaw

“Darín is tremendous as Strassera, the grumpy old veteran who spies on his daughter to find out more about her love life and ends up fighting with his deputy Luis Moreno Ocampo over how quiet he had been, like the rest of the ruling class, for almost his entire career”, adds the English critic.

“The film – completes Bradshaw – seems to have exercised a bit of license in imagining the intelligent and young team of legal investigators that Strassera assembled to travel the country in search of witnesses. His presence gives a lot of energy to the film. Argentina, 1985 It is a frank film, with muscle and very powerful”. He also says that Peter Lanzani offers “an attractive and sympathetic performance” as Moreno Ocampo.

Stephanie Bunbury, a critic for the influential Hollywood site Deadline, writes that Argentina, 1985 is an “exceptional political thriller” and points out that Darín (“one of the greatest actors in the world”) offers the best performance of his entire career. “He has the ability to go from ironic comedy to dramatic intensity with the stroke of a gaucho whip,” he maintains.

The Darín family (Florencia Bas, Ricardo and Chino) on the red carpet before the premiere of Argentina, 1985 at the Venice Film Festival
The Darín family (Florencia Bas, Ricardo and Chino) on the red carpet before the premiere of Argentina, 1985 at the Venice Film FestivalVenice Film Festival Press

Guy Lodge, from Variety, said that Argentina, 1985 is “appropriately enough, a popular movie about mob justice, balancing harrowing historical catharsis with hints of funny domestic comedy” and noted that the warm reception it garnered in Venice “will set it on the right track.”

“What Argentina, 1985, that he managed to alternate between such emotionally raw raw material and tension-driven subplots – as Strassera and his family resist death threats and cars explode in public squares – without seeming callous or dramatically opportunistic is a credit to Mitre, whose understanding of history is high-profile and emotionally immediate, but never simplistic.”

From Screen International, another specialized publication widely read by professionals in the film industry, Fionnula Halligan states that “Darín offers a performance worthy of an award in Santiago Miter’s moving judicial thriller”, which she also characterized as “a complex and rewarding that should be favored by politically aware people.” For Halligan, it would be possible to “take any Hollywood courtroom drama and compare it to Argentina, 1985″.

Sophie Monks Kaufman, on Indiewire, also praised Darín. “It became known to the Western public with The Secret in Their Eyes and since then he has proven his skills with changing roles that maintain a complex charisma. Once again, Darín does the heavy lifting here, weaving together the procedural, historical, and domestic elements of this drama with deft wit and nuance.”

Darín and the director Santiago Mitre, on Saturday morning, before the meeting with the press at the Venice Film Festival
Darín and the director Santiago Mitre, on Saturday morning, before the meeting with the press at the Venice Film Festival TIZIANA FABI – AFP

Finally, Tommaso Koch, in El País, says that the film by Santiago Miter “excited the Venice festival with the reconstruction of the process that led to the conviction of Videla and the main perpetrators of the genocide, as defined by the prosecutor” and suggests that this film “seeks a place in history.”

There are some reservations, meanwhile, within the criticism of Carlos Aguilar published on the blog TheWrap, one of the most prominent in the Hollywood press. “Despite all the relevance of him and the poignant profile of him, Argentina, 1985 it cannot be hailed as a particularly innovative effort on a formal level. It is visually quite standard in its understated elegance.”

Argentina, 1985 It will be released in theaters in our country on Thursday, September 29, and three weeks later it will be available on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

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