The first week of vacation left more than 2 billion pesos in Neuquén

After the summer tourist boom, Neuquén had an auspicious start to the winter season that also promises to make history.

With the push of the snowfalls and the opening of borders -with the notable influx of foreign visitors-, andTourism exploded in various destinations in the mountain range in the first week of the winter break, also from the arrival of people from the Alto Valle dand Neuquén and Río Negro and from 14 other provinces of the country that went on vacation.

“We have had a great first week of vacation that coincided with the school break in 16 provinces in the country. With a much higher occupancy than at the start of the vacation in 2019, before the pandemic. The expectations we have for the remainder of the school break are very good in all the tourist destinations in the province”, celebrated the Provincial Minister of Tourism, Sandro Badilla, in dialogue with LU5.

Chapelco airport expanded its facilities.

Chapelco airport expanded its facilities.

The official specified that, from July 10 to last Sunday, the province registered an occupancy level of 70 percent with peaks of more than 90% last weekend, a time that coincided with the start of the winter holidays. of the province of Buenos Aires and Federal Capital.

“These are very encouraging numbers and we estimate that they have left an economic movement in the province of around 2 billion pesos,” he said.

According to preliminary data in winter destinations with ski resorts and snow parks, the estimated weekly average occupancy -from July 10 to 16- was 82 percent in Villa Pehuenia-Moquehue, 77 percent in San Martín de los Andes and 70 percent in Villa La Angostura and Caviahue-Copahue.

Badilla added that the majority of the visitors traveled from the provinces of Córdoba, Neuquén, Rio Negro, La Pampa, Santa Fe, while on July 16 and 17 the arrival of tourists from Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires was felt.

The Chapelco ski center enabled the intermediate area for skiing.

The Chapelco ski center enabled the intermediate area for skiing.

The Chapelco ski center enabled the intermediate area for skiing.

It should be noted that, due to the snowstorm, stopover tourist destinations had high occupancy levels. Such is the case of the towns of Piedra del Águila and Zapala, which were full for much of the week. In the last case, places were saturated over the weekend with people who could not reach their final destination and had to be placed in family homes.

Regarding the occupancy in Neuquén Capital, it also had peaks, the weekend of the start of vacations reached 70%. For his part, Diego Cayol, secretary of Tourism and Social Development of the Municipality, assured that the rooms had 60% of reservations during the weekdays, while on the weekend the percentage of reservations reached 70%.

They seek that the new Pre-Trip contemplate the last weeks of August

On the other hand, Badilla confirmed that Tuesday he will receive the Secretary of Tourism Promotion of the Nation at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation in San Martín de los Andes. In addition to touring the town to assess how the season is progressing, the official will meet with provincial government authorities, mayors, and representatives of the private sector.

yanina martinez tourism nation.jpeg

Among other topics, they will discuss the conditions under which the third edition of PreViaje will be implemented, the national program that seeks to stimulate domestic tourism with early stays through a system of discounts and reimbursements to spend at the destination.

In this regard, Badilla pointed out that they will finalize details of the program that will take place in September, October and November with the idea of ​​also including the last weeks of August.

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