The funny and surreal experience of finding your vacation double: “They are exactly the same”

They both had something in common: their physical appearance. They did not know each other, one did not know of the existence of the other. But one day, by chance, they crossed paths in a swimming pool and ended up immortalized by the lens of a camera.

A Reddit user assured that he ran into his “double” during his vacation in the United States: “We live in a simulation,” he joked. The post drew thousands of comments and reactions.

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Charlotte Bishop Mases

Sean, as the citizen is called, turned to the “r/funny” community to tell the story. As he explained in this regard, the episode occurred on August 20 at a hotel in Las Vegas.

The photo of the similar

“I wasn’t convinced until now… We definitely live in a simulation. Today I randomly swam with my double in Las Vegas,” wrote the author of the story.

seemed more than reasonable

seemed more than reasonable


The post obtained more than 95 thousand positive votes and became one of the most outstanding of the month in the community. Following questions from netizens, Sean decided to provide more details about how the rapprochement between the two came about.

“I was swimming in the pool and a big group of strangers were pointing at me and laughing. I felt self-conscious, then I looked at my friends and saw them pointing and laughing at my stunt double. That’s when I first saw him.” , he clarified.

Their respective friends had just detected the physical similarity of both. Even at that time, both Sean and his double had a similar look: they wore baseball-type caps with a visor, and they also wore glasses.

“Right away I thought, ‘Shit, that guy looks like the guy I see in the mirror every day.’ My second thought was, ‘He looks more Cold that I. It is likely that his glasses are original Ray-Ban Club Master, unlike mine, an imitation of Zenni ‘”, assured the user, who took the matter with humor.

On the other hand, Sean hinted that his double’s voice was the same as his own. “It was definitely surreal”, he said about that meeting, which was portrayed in a photo.

On the other hand, there were netizens who indicated that the two men were the same as the Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen. “They are Seth Rogen’s stunt doubles,” said one redditor. “They are his brothers,” added another, in complicity with the previous one.

The director, screenwriter and protagonist of the film 'The Interview', Seth Rogen

The director, screenwriter and protagonist of the film ‘The Interview’, Seth Rogen


What is a ‘doppelgänger’?

The German term double -doppel means “double” and gänger, “walker”- is used to define a person who looks like another, to the point of considering it their double, despite not being related.

Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle photographed, for 20 years, complete strangers who look very much alike. Until 2020, he managed to capture 250 pairs of “doubles” in 25 countries for his “I’m not a look-alike” project.


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