The greeting that left Susana Giménez speechless in a tribute in Uruguay: “We were fighting!”

The greeting that left Susana Giménez speechless in a tribute in Uruguay: “We were fighting!”

A television interview may have smoothed things over between two of the most beloved figures in the entertainment scene. During a segment of the program Smile of Channel 10 broadcast in recent days, Susana Giménez was honored for her career and received a recorded message from Carlos Perciavalle.

During the program, different personalities from the show sent a message of affection and friendship to the host in a video that reviewed different moments of her artistic career, such as Sebastián Yatra, Antonio Grimau, Marley and Mirko, the “Black” González Gold, Julio Bocca, Ismael Cala and where too the Uruguayan artist appeared.

“The most divine, the most beautiful, the best person and above all the best actress that we have left in the southern hemisphere. I send you a big kiss. I love you so much,” Perciavalle said. After the clip, Susana Giménez was surprised by the artist’s participation in the video-tribute. “Is that Carlitos Perciavalle new? He said it now?asked the actress and host.

The presenters wanted to investigate the reason for the fight, but Susana was evasive. “He went too far and I got hot and told him: ‘You’re going to… Why do you always have to talk about me to be funny, say ugly things?’ And there I was offended forever. Now that I see him, he gave me a lot of tenderness, because he loved him very much, we were very good friends, and he believed in me a lot. He offered me to do Woman of the Year, which changed my career”.

“I was speechless because I thought he was angry with me too,” confessed Giménez on the verge of tears

Susana then remembered that she did revue theater, although it was not the format she liked, because it was economically profitable for her. Then Perciavalle summoned her to do woman of the yearand although she did not dedicate herself to singing or dancing, she ended up accepting the proposal, dazzled everyone and spent three years on the bill with the musical comedy. “It was an impressive success”review.

“What I just heard gave me a lot of tenderness. I was speechless because I thought he was angry with me too.” Giménez confessed on the verge of tears. According to the Uruguayan newspaper The Observer, After the interview was broadcast, the production of the cycle contacted Perciavalle by telephone, who spoke live on the program. “I am happy with life, very happy to have recorded it. Very happy with everything I talk about Susana. We have been friends for so many years! It was like reliving my life in so many moments. It was very nice. This divine”.

The Uruguayan actor announced that he was going to call the Argentine diva to talk after this interview. “I’m going to call her tomorrow because this is a time when a star is not called, it’s a little late, so we can talk quietly,” he said. “It gave me great pleasure that she was so cute, so nice, so flat, as she is. There is nothing false in everything he says. He is absolutely adorable, “concluded the actor his appreciation of Susana Giménez.

Beyond the theatrical success with judah skins, Giménez is preparing to host an original comedy show from Japan, which has already had its versions in Spain and Mexico and will be made for the first time on television. LOL: If you laugh, you lose is the name of the program in question which, as its name indicates, tries to avoid laughter at all costs.

The fundamental fact is that the participants are comedians, which gives an extra ingredient to the dynamics. In total there will be ten contestants who will record in a house in Mexico, in a sort of Big Brother of humour. There they will eliminate each other through a mechanism of red and yellow cards until the winner remains.


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