The history and politics of our country resonate strongly in the world premiere of Argentina, 1985, which arrives at the Venice Film Festival

This Saturday will be the most important day for the international screening of Argentine cinema in all of 2022. With the world premiere of Argentina, 1985, of Santiago Mitre, within the official competition of the Venice Festival, begins a promising journey that includes stopovers in other outstanding international exhibitions. If the expectations that some relevant observers are already beginning to predict are fulfilled, everything indicates that it will not only be the highest-profile local production this year, but it could also project those predictions until the next high season of awards.

This first official screening of Argentina, 1985 takes on even more interest as it occurs in the midst of the commotion that has been open since Thursday night by the attack with a firearm on Vice President Cristina Kirchner. The strong international repercussion of the episode will surely lead the global press to want to know in Venice the impressions of those who made a film that alludes to another resounding case in recent Argentine history, the Trial of the Juntas that put the highest authorities of the last military dictatorship in the dock in 1985.

Conceived as a fictional story, although based on real events and characters (something that happens for the first time in Santiago Mitre’s directorial career), Argentina, 1985 combines historical drama, testimonial cinema and trial films to show how prosecutor Julio César Strassera (played by Ricardo Darin) assembles a legal team to carry out the historic trial of the military leaders. Along this complicated path, everyone puts their own personal stories at stake while the political and judicial context of those times is exposed, in which the incipient Argentine democracy was still exposed to very serious threats. Peter Lanzani (such as Deputy Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo), Alexandra Flechner, claudio dapassano, Carlos Portaluppi, Laura Paredes, Alejo Garcia Pintos Y Norman Briski They complete the main cast.

Ricardo Darín as prosecutor Strassera in Argentina, 1985 Amiability

The activity will start very early, at dawn in Argentina, with the two morning screenings for the press and accredited industry professionals at Venice 2022. Then there will be a press conference in the afternoon, also twice (6:45 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.). from Venice, five hours less in Buenos Aires), the first gala open to the public will take place, a true baptism of fire for the film.

There will be the representatives of the large delegation that accompanies and supports the film in its first (and outstanding) international outing. The group, coming from geographies as different as Buenos Aires, Madrid, Zurich and Los Angeles, includes the director Santiago Miter (who arrived with his partner Dolores Fonzi), to the actors Darin (present here in the company of his wife Florencia Bas), Lanzani, Laura Paredes Y Alexandra Flechner; to the writer Mariano Llinas (who wrote the film together with Mitre), the director of photography Javier Juliá, the musician Pedro Osuna, and the producers Agustina Llambí Campbell, Axel Kuschevatzky, Federico Posternak and Santiago Carabante.

They will be added Darin Chinese (also a producer with his father Ricardo) and nothing less than Victor AlonsoThe Argentine currently with the greatest power and presence in the Hollywood industry from the position she occupies as president of physical production, post-production, visual effects and animation at Marvel studios. Alonso’s participation in this project further strengthens the prospects for the film from now on, especially in the North American market. the premiere of Argentina, 1985 It is confirmed for September 29 in theaters in Argentina and a day later in theaters in the United States. Three weeks later it will be available worldwide through the Amazon Prime Video platform.who is one of the producers of the film together with Infinity Hill, La Unión de los Ríos and Kenya Films (the Darín’s production company).

The entire large group, arrived in a staggered manner to a Venice that received it with 26 degrees and an unbeatable end-of-summer climate, shared their first meeting with a meal on Friday night. “We are experiencing everything with great anxiety,” he told THE NATION Kuschevatzky, before participating in that meeting. We know very well that this film generates a lot of interest and promotes discussion. Argentina, 1985 It’s not just about something that happened 40 years ago. He speaks above all about democracy, justice and the fragility of the rule of law, something very relevant in these times because today the world is going through many specific situations in which all these issues are beginning to be questioned”.

Argentina, 1985, by Santiago Mitre, hits local theaters on September 19
Argentina, 1985, by Santiago Mitre, hits local theaters on September 19Amiability

For Kuschevatzky, the film is designed so that it could be understood by any person geographically and culturally unrelated to the situation that Argentina experienced at that time. “And it is also addressed to the new generations, who perhaps are not so clear today about the essential value that that trial had in our lives. Despite the fact that it alludes to events that are arduous and difficult to tell, the film has a great mass vocation. It was made for a broad, global audience”, he added.

“We are sharing a great sense of hubbub. And having come here at such a difficult time for Argentina and for all of us who make movies in our country, “he added to THE NATION I called Campbell, another one of the producers. From the look of her, the strongest thing that she lived until now as a member of the team of Argentina, 1985 it was the ratification of the testimonial power that this class of stories has. “We filmed in the same courtroom of the Juicio a las Juntas and all of us were marked by emotion every time we had to reconstruct the most painful moments, the testimony of the witnesses, the prosecutor’s final argument. The film rescues all that courage and has enormous respect for that moment in our history.”, he added.

After passing through Venice and almost coinciding with its international release, the film will arrive before the end of September at the San Sebastián (as part of the Perlas section) and Zurich festivals. From October 5 it will have another relevant presence at the London Film Festival, the most important in the entire United Kingdom, also forming part of the official competition. And its presentation at the American Film Institute is also scheduled.

Darín and Lanzani, protagonists of the film
Darín and Lanzani, protagonists of the filmamazon kindness

A couple of weeks before the opening of Venice 2022, Variety placed Argentina, 1985 almost at the top of a list of possible candidates for the Oscar for best international film, noting that both in the city of canals and in the strategic Toronto Festival (which starts next week) potential competitors are already beginning to emerge strongly. Of all the titles advanced by the influential Hollywood publication, there is only one above the Argentine film. It is Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths, of the Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu, winner of the Oscar for bird man Y the rebornwith Argentina sicilian griselda in the leading female role.

The international Oscar race has just begun and there are already a dozen countries that have chosen the films that will represent them. The submission deadline is October 3 and it is expected that by the end of September the official announcement will be made by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina.after the vote of its almost 400 members. the choice of Argentina, 1985 to represent our country in the delivery of the Goya (equivalent of the Oscar for Spanish-speaking cinema), confirmed a few days ago, could be seen as a kind of possible advance of that decision.

Returning to the international Oscar, once each country proposes its representative (last year there were 92), the election process will be opened by the members of the Hollywood Film Academy. A first selection of ten titles will be announced on December 21 and the final list of five nominees will be announced on January 24, along with the rest of the Oscar candidates. The next Oscar ceremony (number 95) is scheduled for March 12, 2023. Although no one says it yet, it is the last goal of the long road that Argentina, 1985 starts this Saturday, the most important day of this year for the national cinema that goes out to the world.

Among the outstanding representation of Argentine figures that participate this year in the Venice Festival, Griselda Siciliani is the one who accumulates the greatest number of miles traveled in less time. He was in Los Angeles to see for the first time with his cast and crewmates Bardo, false chronicle of a few truthstraveled from there to Venice to be present at the first public screening of the long-awaited return to directing by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu and this Friday the 2nd, on the same morning after the premiere, he left for the United States because this weekend the film is screened at the Telluride Festival, one of the showcases that traditionally begins to define who will be the main protagonists of the next awards season.

A show of affection between Griselda Siciliani and Daniel Giménez Cacho in the presentation of Bardo at the Venice festival
A show of affection between Griselda Siciliani and Daniel Giménez Cacho in the presentation of Bardo at the Venice festival TIZIANA FABI – AFP

In the film, a kind of autobiographical fantasy signed by Iñárritu on his return to Mexico, 22 years after consecrating himself with love dogs, Siciliani plays the wife of the central character, a kind of alter ego of the director personified by the Mexican actor Daniel Giménez Cacho (Stay). At the end of the film, Siciliani and his team joined a celebration that featured Ted Sarandos, one of the strong men of Netflix.

Bard, with a script by also Argentine Nicolás Giacobone, It will also go through the San Sebastian Festival this month, it will arrive on November 4 in theaters in Mexico and Argentina, and after an unprecedented extended window for a production that emerged from Netflix (at least six weeks guaranteed of exhibition on the big screen) will be available globally on that streaming platform from December 16.

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