The hospitalization of Tota Santillán uncovered the conflict with her children: the details

The alarms went off for the health of the All Santillan. The presenter is hospitalized for observation at the Güemes Sanatorium in Palermo after suffering a nervous breakdown. While his lawyer, Soledad López, says that her condition did not require him to be hospitalized, one of her daughters argued that she did. That discussion generated a conflict between the parties and was resolved in the worst way: a fight in the guard of the health center.

She has no contact with her older children, they only appear when Tota has an episode and they need to sign. Every time they are about to hospitalize him, they arrive, sign the papers and take everything from him. The daughter (Daniela) with whom he has contact is the one with whom I had the conflict. He is under pressure all the time because his children tell him that they are going to hospitalize him”, López said in dialogue with In the Afternoon (America).

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According to the lawyer, her client collapsed largely due to the mistreatment he suffers from his eldest children. “If you see a person in a state of depression and yell at him: that he is garbage, that he is a bad father and that he did not get them a job. What reaction is that going to cause in a person?”, said the legal representative.

Soledad López also recounted an alleged economic conflict: “Last year, with a lot of effort, she collected some pesos and He was able to buy a 2011 model car, and, in good faith, he put it in his son’s name. And the son told him: ‘I’m not going to give you the car, I’ll keep it’”. And he added: “The money they take from him, he never sees again.” In addition, the lawyer said that Daniela, the daughter of Tota with whom she argued, took her cell phone and changed all the passwords.

On the other hand, his relationship with his younger daughters is very different because he is trying to reconnect with them. It is a process that is being monitored by specialists and is done gradually. “Those things that he has been experiencing frustrate him a lot and put him in an even worse depression. He sends me messages saying that he can’t stand not seeing his youngest daughters anymore and that he misses them very much.”, stated the lawyer.

The details of the hospitalization of Tota Santillán

The All Santillan is under observation at the Güemes Sanatorium and it is expected that he will soon be transferred to a clinic in Luján, where they have all his psychiatric record.

“His depression worsened because he had an argument with his daughter, who accuses him of being a bad father, of not seeing them because he worked at night and other things,” said his lawyer.

La Tota Santillán became a street vendor to survive the pandemic.  (Photo: file).
La Tota Santillán became a street vendor to survive the pandemic. (Photo: file).

The lawyer also denounced that Daniela hit her with a pineapple when she approached the Sanatorium and that for that reason she had to be treated at the medical center. For this alleged episode, she has already confirmed that she initiated a cause for the woman.

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