The Hotel of the Famous: Alex Caniggia became the champion and won the 10 million pesos

After more than a hundred days in The Hotel of the Famous (eltrece)I arrive the long-awaited “H” final between Martín Salwe and Alex Caniggiawho had to demonstrate their skills in three different games and add the best possible time. For this final episode, most of the former participants of this realityand the relatives and friends of the competitors.

It was an emotional episode in which Leandro “Chino” Leunis Y Carolina “Pampita” Ardohaindressed in gala, they reviewed the stay of Martín and Alex in the mansion located in Cañuelas. this reality show It was full of games, strategies, enmities, emotional bonds and discussions that entertained viewers for more than two months: all this was reflected in the video clips of each finalist’s journey.

This was the grand finale of El Hotel de los Famosos (eltrece) between Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe

For this final, the contestants had a white and gold outfit, special to compete for the juicy prize of 10 million pesos and the trophy The Hotel of the Famous.

The final “H” consisted of a game in which they had to carry three white cards avoiding obstacles with strength, speed and agility to later be able to exchange it for the gold card and deposit it on top. However, the one who arrived first would not be the winner, since the time of this game would be added to the last two that they did separately.

Alex Caniggia established himself as the champion of El Hotel de los Famosos (eltrece)

As expected, the competition was close and with little difference, because both were the ones that stood out the most throughout the first season. Nevertheless, the one who dominated the entire competition was Alexander Caniggiawho proved to be in better condition despite the physical problems he suffered in recent episodes.

This is how Martín Salwe and Alex Caniggia ended after the demanding final at El Hotel de los Famosos. Photo/Instagram: @hoteldefamosos

The first to put the gold card on top of the “H” was Caniggia, however, they had to wait for the final verdict of the notary, who took the time of the three tests. Alex’s time was four minutes with one second and Martin four minutes with nine seconds. “This triumph, do you know who I dedicate it to? myself, no one else”, Said the media after completing the game.

Finally, after adding the three final games, the difference was more than two minutes: the winner of The Hotel of the Famous and, therefore, of the 10 million pesos, it was Alex Caniggia. Pampita was in charge of informing the times of the three games of each participant and after announcing the winner, Alex Caniggia was lifted on a stretcher by his former teammates and raised the program’s trophy.

Between tears, Martín Salwe let off steam with a big hug with his father, who went to support him in the final from the stands. For his part, the winner could not hide his joy: “Is the first reality I win! I finally won a reality!”, He said in reference to all the programs in which he participated, but he was not successful.

With this result, Alex Caniggia crowned as the winner of the first edition of The Hotel of the Famouswhose second part, as advanced in JUSTICEby América TV, will begin in January 2023.

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