The increases in buses, trains and SUBE are already in force: how much does it cost to travel in La Plata

The two-section ticket in silver goes from $21.40 to $29.96 / Archive

From this morning, in the Region it will be necessary to prepare the calculator and the pockets when calculating the cost of mobility in buses and trains: everything goes 40% up.

The new rate table for services, first had an announcement for Greater Buenos Aires and in a matter of days, last week it reached the municipal and regional lines (in the Provincial orbit).

The price of tickets had been frozen since 2019 and in the midst of escalating inflation, companies came out to file claims against the painting. They also denounced delays in the transfer of subsidies applied by the National Government to lower the cost of the ticket for users. The proposal was accompanied by the reduction of the frequencies of the services at the regional level.

The tension at the start of the winter holidays led to the general announcement of a force measure for tomorrow and its scope at the local level.

According to official sources confirmed to this newspaper, the values ​​as of today are as follows: 1st section (0 to 3km) goes from $19.60 to $27.44; 2nd section (3 to 6 km) goes from $21.40 to $29.96; 3rd section (6 to 12 km) goes from $22.50 to $31.50; 4th section (12 to 27 km) from $23.60 to $33.04; services of more than 27 kilometers, which used to cost $24.40, will now cost $34.16.

The new values ​​will be applied to the Single Electronic Transport System (SUBE), which also changes from today: the card goes from 90 to 126 pesos. The emergency balance will also be updated, which will be $100.80 (until yesterday, $72), according to the National Ministry of Transportation.

As reported, the Social Rate benefit remains in force, which allows designated groups with social attributions granted by the National State to travel with a 55% discount on the ticket.

For those traveling in the Metropolitan Area, the benefit of the Red SUBE system will continue to apply, which covers up to 5 combinations on public transport for 2 hours. The discount is 50% of the rate at the time of the second trip, and 75% less than the value of the rate from the third trip made.

Tickets for buses and trains in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) also increase by 40% as of today, after being frozen for more than three years.

In the case of the Roca Line, the price of the ticket goes up (with SUBE), to the following values: 1 section, $10.75; 2 sections, $14.25; 3 sections, $17.25. Without UP the price of the ticket goes to a cost of $34.50.

That is not all in the costs related to mobility and transportation, since metered parking in La Plata has risen since last week.

After the increase that had been in force since January, now a rise of the order of 55 percent was applied, which took the hour from 35 to 55 pesos (7 to 10 and 14 to 20) and from 45 to 70 (from 10 to 14).

Meanwhile, the deliberative council analyzes a request for a 35% increase in taxi drivers.

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