The incredible “job” in beach hotels in the United States for which they pay up to 10,000 dollars: how to apply

Work and at the same time take advantage of the summer holidays under the sun is no longer just an illusion. A travel company published the bases for a contest that will allow choosing the lucky winner of a trip throughout the United States knowing the best “retro” hotels. The occupation envied by thousands has a very peculiar name: retro Beach Hotelier, and not everyone can get it, you have to meet certain conditions and make an important resignation. opened the call that was soon known by travelers in the country. The experience is about living the tour through 10 accommodations, among which are included The Pearl Hotel in San Diego, Calif., and tramp hotel in Miami, Florida, but in total disconnection, that is, without a smartphone.

Being a retro environment, The activities planned for this adventure are all about what life was like in the 1950’s and the Retro Beach Motelier will be on a mission to capture the essence of the journey with an old Polaroid provided to you. In addition to the $10,000 to complete the course, the winner will have $5,000 at their disposal to spend on food and beach fun. has launched an attractive competition for a summer job touring the United States as a 1950s –

As it is about enjoying the “old style”, the traveler You’ll receive items like a striped umbrella, a solar-powered radio, retro sunglasses and a cooler, plus sunscreen to get you through the day in the sun with ease. At a time when all-inclusive hotels seem like the only option for carefree enjoyment, wants to “prove that beach motels can be just as luxurious.”

Now the important thing, How to apply to be the Retro Beach Motelier? First it is necessary be 21 years old and be a good photographerthis will be verified when the applicant enters their Instagram username in the registration form found on the agency’s website. One of the questions you will have to answer is who would you travel with if you had the opportunity to transport yourself to 1950. The answer is important because whoever wins must share the experience with a companion.

The Retro Beach Motelier will mean putting aside the smartphone to document the retro motel experience with an old polaroid
The Retro Beach Motelier will mean putting aside the smartphone to document the retro motel experience with an old –

“What also makes these beach motels ready for this busy summer travel season is that they’re inexpensive, and guests can often find freebies like parking and breakfast”, expressed Melissa Dohmen, spokeswoman for In exchange, the traveler will have to adapt to the modest hotels that will offer disconnection and submit the photographs that will be used on the site to promote that another way of vacationing is possible.

The opportunity to apply for this attractive job is open until August 5 and the winner will be announced on August 12. In any case, the experience can be enjoyed by anyone following the lodging recommendations of the agency that has qualified the best establishments with this setting, among them are Waikiki Village Retro Hotelin Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, parker Beach Shelter, located in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, The Montauk Beach Housea long island, LOGE Westporta Westport, Washington, purple housein Islamorada, Florida and others.

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