The job of your dreams: they are looking for candidates to travel, drink wine and earn in euros

A company launched an unprecedented vacancy that surpasses the others because it involves two great passions: travel and wine. The not least data for applicants to this job is that the salary is in euros. It’s about the signature “Majestic Wine”which offers a vacancy that is almost unmatched.

With this proposal, travelers who are dedicated to tourism and earn money while they walk, will be surpassed by those who carry out the same activity and, in addition, have to drink wine in the meantime.

The company from the United Kingdom is actively looking for wine lovers to carry out this job dreamed of by millions of Argentines. It should be noted that the firm is the largest in that country that specializes in the classic drink prepared with grapes.

In the case of being chosen, Majestic Wine offers workers a travel tour of Spain and Portugal. In both destinations they must carry out tastings of different varieties of the drink and point out the best and richest. As a prize you can also win a box of first level bottles.

As all expenses are included and the salary is 200 euros per day, many users who found the proposal were put on alert. However, given the doubts about the veracity of this work, the wine firm had to clarify that it is not a fraud.

If the salary is changed to the “official” exchange rate, the number of euros rises above $27,000 for each day to enjoy the tour of the Iberian Peninsula. The only thing that the lucky selected have to do is try traditional dishes and drink the best wines of that territory.

Another point to note about this job search is that the English-speaking firm does not set many requirements or conditions to apply for the dream position. You have to love wine and want to travel to these destinations in Europe.

In addition to tasting the bottles and enjoying the sun, the taster “you will be able to visit some of the beautiful wineries and vineyards of our wine club”described the company in a statement.

In this way, all those interested in the position of “traveling wine drinker” must free their agenda and go to the official website of the wine brand Majestic wine.

Then they must select the option to fill out a registration form with personal data and also write a short text. This kind of cover letter must be in English and there must be explained why the candidate is the ideal one for the position.

It is important to note that no previous experience in the matter is required. Just an “open mind”, being of legal age and love “for beautiful bottles”.

The deadline to submit applications is August 19 and applicants have to reveal their favorite wine so far. With the passport ready, the candidates must be available in September because the trip will last three days.

“We will send you a box of wine for you to try at home. You will be asked to rate the two experiences and tell us which wines tasted better.”

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