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The premiere of ‘The Kings of the World’ at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, on September 21, goes much further for the filmmaker Laura Moraby also becoming the first Colombian director in history to be selected in the official feature film competition of a Class A Festival.

Premiering ‘The Kings of the World’ in the official competition of a festival like San Sebastian is a huge honour. It is the possibility of paving the way for the film in a space where works by great directors have premiered. In addition, it means that the film finally enters into dialogue with the public, in a place with a demanding curatorship, which celebrates and feels a deep love for the language of cinema”, says the director.

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The requirement to reach the official competition of a festival of this level lies in the high standards of the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, that demands high quality from festivals in their selection of participating filmsas well as the juries and the organization of the event itself.

This speaks highly of the Colombian film to tell the story of Rá, Culebro, Sere, Winny, Nano, five children from the streets of Medellín, who, after receiving a letter from the land restitution office, notifying the return of land that were taken from Rá’s grandmother, they decide to embark together on a journey with the promise of finally fulfilling a dream: to have a place in the world for themselves where they can be free, be safe and build their own kingdom.

The nerve center of the conflict in Colombia is precisely that: that of a people who have been dispossessed of their land. The idea of ​​five boys, whom society has always excluded and whose greatest wish is to be able to claim a place in the world where they can be free and safe, seemed to me a sublime way of talking about the history of violence related to land tenure and honor the energy of this dispossessed group. A poetic way in which these boys take revenge on the world that randomly touched them. Claiming what is theirs, the land, is their most political, most rebellious, most honest act,” adds Laura Mora.

At the San Sebastián International Film Festival, which takes place in the capital city of the province of Gipuzkoa (Spain), some of the most important films in the history of cinema have had their premieres, such as Vertigo Y north by northwest of Alfred Hitchcock, or Star Wars by George Lucas. Other world film directors who have also started their careers at this Spanish festival include Francis Ford Coppola, Pedro Almodóvar, Roman Polanski, Bong Joon-ho, Sydney Lumet, Danny Boyle and the Coen brothers.

In relation to Colombian cinema, important films have been launched in various categories of the festival, such as ‘The mountain colors’The oblivion that we will beSatan’Like the cat and the mouse’Addition and subtraction’the walker’s shadow yourKill Jesus’Laura Mora’s first feature film received four awards in 2017, in the parallel section of New Directors.

Returning to the importance of being the first Colombian director in competition at a Class A festival, it is worth mentioning that only four directors from the country have been selected with their feature films in this type of festival: Victor Gaviria in Cannes and San Sebastian; Sergio Cabrera Y Cyrus War in Venice and Spiros Stathoulopoulos In Berlin.
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‘The kings of the world’, which was the last prize of the Integral Stimulus of the Fund for Cinematographic Development, will hit theaters across the country on October 6. It is produced by Ciudad Lunar Producciones and La Selva Cine; in co-production with Iris Productions, Tu Vas Voir, Mer Films, Talipot Studio; in association with Snail Television Dago Garcia, Exile Content; with the support of Cinecreacolombia, Ibermedia, Filmedellin, Medellín City Hall, Luxemburg Film Fund, Sorfond, Cinema Du Monde; with the sponsorship of Unimedellin and Eafit. Distribution in Colombia is done by Cinecolor and international sales are handled by Film Factory.

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