The Kiss Cam caught her in the middle of an infidelity and her reaction went viral on the networks

A fan of Junior from Barranquilla was caught ‘red-handed’ by the kissing camera of the match against Atlético Nacional in an attitude that could be considered infidelity, as a result of his reaction.

The woman, who was accompanied by a man, tried to cover his facebut it had already been filmed and her face could be seen perfectly.

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The incident occurred at halftime of the game when the classic camera took the couple in a surprising way. Although they are not seen in any strange attitude, her reaction caught her attention, she turned around and tried to cover her face so that they could not recognize her.

Different was the attitude of the man who accompanied her who was cheerful and even smiled while his partner was dying of shame.

The video, which already has more than 3 thousand retweets and almost 25 thousand likes, generated a shower of reactions and memes on social networks.

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