The life of Leonardo Ponzio after his departure from River: from midfield boss to agricultural entrepreneur

The former captain of Millo opened the doors of his house in Santa Fe and gave details of his new lifestyle.

In December 2021, leonardo pontius let River after nine years and retired from professional football. The former central midfielder, who lifted 18 titles with the shirt of Millionairetoday he leads a very different lifestyle from the one he used to have for more than 20 years, and In an interview he gave at his home in Santa Fe, he gave details of how he lives today.

The life of Leonardo Ponzio after his departure from River: from midfield boss to agricultural entrepreneur

In dialogue with Infobae, pontius recognized that he always had a great attachment to life in the countryside, perhaps because of his upbringing in the city of The Roses, Santa Fe, but he admitted that he now has much more time than before. In any case, the ex footballer of River bought its first hectares back in 2006, so He already has several years in the agricultural sector on his back.

“The field is my family. I turned my passion to this for pleasure”, declared the Lionand I add: “The field was always a ground wire, more than anything when you were abroad and had a few days to come. I come from a country family all my life. He always went to the country, even on vacation. My grandfather worked in a ranch and I would go there for a week and I would also go to my other grandfather’s, to spend the afternoons, take a siesta, ride a horse”.

My grandfather always told me that I had to get into the field and, the truth was that I liked it, but you had to invest an entire estate. In any case, she always had it in her mind. That’s why, I had the chance and I didn’t hesitatesentenced.

leonardo pontius

How Leonardo Ponzio entered the agricultural business

In the same interview with Infobaethe two-time Copa Libertadores champion He recounted the moment in which he decided to invest in large pieces of land, and what the first years were like. I used to play football to buy fields. So, he would make some savings and tell my dad to start looking. That gave me more support and confidence, while I invested for my future, because the field has many investment possibilities, beyond the things that happen in our country. Many of us might be out, but we’re here for a reason.he claimed pontius.

“I kept investing. At one point I got into ranching, more than anything because my grandfather said that the activity was a savings account. I had little time, three or four years and I did not give it the same importance that I gave to agriculture”he added.

Leonardo Ponzio and his future as an agricultural producer

I would like to have some feedlot. I have the look and at some point the livestock bug is going to bite me again, but I want to do it in here. I am close to the town and I have the logistics to bring the trucks and get the animals out”finished pontius.

leonardo pontius

Photos: Infobae and @leoponzio_ok (Instagram)

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