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From black to white, from starving and having no comfort in ‘Survivors’ to live in luxury throughout the world. This is how these weeks are being for Anabel Pantojawho since she was expelled from the jungle adventure has gone from one extreme to another. Madrid, Seville, Cadiz, Egypt, Ibiza, Minorca…there are many destinations visited by the television collaborator in just one month, but how much have her vacations cost her since she left the island? From SEMANA we have analyzed the amount that Anabel’s life represents at full speed and the truth is that it is surprising and is that in just one month he has already spent more than 14,000 euros on accommodation alone.

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After leaving Honduras, Anabel Pantoja left her family in charge of renting an apartment in the heart of Madrida flat where he not only had space to be with his friends, but also a splendid view of the iconic Alcala Gate. Four bedrooms, a spectacular terrace or designer furniture were just some of the features of this house for which he had to pay 500 euros for each night. She occupied it with Yulen from July 28 to August 2 (six nights), for which he had to pay 3,000 euros.

They left the house they had rented on a well-known platform and traveled to Sevillewhere he visited some relatives. Shortly after, she moved to Cadiza little over 100 kilometers away, to meet up with other contestants from the island such as Alejandro and Tania, with whom he danced to the rhythm of reggaeton at a festival where they had a great time. After a few days with her family and with her closest friends, who provided them with accommodation, the woman from Seville undertook one of her dream trips: Egypt.

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Not in any way, but in style in a great hotel that also costs a whopping 500 euros a night. Its about Sonesta St. George Hotel, located in Luxorwith five stars and overlooking the Nile River, an experience whose cost would have meant Anabel Pantoja a total of at least 3500 euros. They stayed there for seven nights and went on various excursions, which has undoubtedly increased costs during their days off. With that journey completed and now embarked on her trip to Ibiza, the tonadillera’s niece continues to raise the counter. Until very recently, the young woman was staying with her partner in one of the most special hotels on the island of Pitiusa, the so-called hotel ibiza corso & spawhere they have slept for a week. This translates into a cost of 7,000 euros, since the chosen room exceeds 1,000 each addition to renting a boat with which they have crossed the crystal clear waters of Formentera.

And, last but not least, their stay in Menorca, where Anabel and Yulen have just landed. The couple stays in a villa that costs almost 400 euros a nightwhich shows that their vacations are not going to less, but rather remain at a level that not everyone can access. Will you pay for it out of pocket or will you have reached an agreement with your accommodations to promote them on your social networks? With this issue unresolved, no one doubts that few mortals can enjoy privileges of this caliber.

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