The most special gift on Sol 15, the daughter of La Princesita and El Polaco, was given by her boyfriend: what is it about and how much did it cost

Sol’s boyfriend, the daughter of Karina and El Polaco, gave her an expensive gift (Video: Instagram @pineiroproducciones)

Sun Cwirkalukthe daughter of Karina the little princess Y The PolishHe celebrated his 15th birthday this Saturday in luxury. In a glamorous room and accompanied by her loved ones, the teenager made her entrance in a great dress and danced the night away. In this context, she received thousands of gifts, but without a doubt the one that caught her attention the most was that of her boyfriend Thomas Benitezwho spared no expense and gave him a gigantic stuffed animal, whose value amounts to 34400 pesos.

Dressed in an impeccable gray suit, the young man led him to the room where the birthday girl was getting ready, the huge beige bear, which has a height of 1 meter 50 centimeters. “Oh, no!” Sol exclaimed excitedly when she saw him. “Oops, it weighs a little!”he said as he held it for the first time. “You do not know the arms that I have been doing from below,” Tomás launched amused. And Karina limited: “It is very beautiful! Guys, this is a beautiful thing. Look at the beautiful face he has, oh I love him”.

The huge teddy bear that Tomás Benitez gave to Sol Cwirkaluk (Photo: Instagram @pineiroproducciones)

Tomás Benitez is a dancer and actor who is currently part of Another worldthe space in which for a long time Chris Brown It trains new talents so that they can later make their own way in the world of singing and acting. In addition, she knew how to star in the play The Return of the Young Prince and had a stake in pulled apartthe Polka strip that could not continue on the air due to the arrival of the pandemic. And for several months now, she has been Sol’s partner, with whom she shines doing different challenges on social networks.

Meanwhile, Saturday night also had other moments of emotion. Before her entrance, Sol acted in a video as an introduction. When it ended and the screens were opened, the birthday girl appeared before all the guests, with the song of Beauty and the Beast. The Pole approached her daughter to welcome her and accompany her to the living room to greet her sisters and her mother, Karina, who was waiting for her with tears in her eyes while she took upa to bed. youngest daughter that the singer has with barby silenzi. Then they danced the waltz, another of the most emotional moments of the night.

The looks stole all eyes, especially that of the protagonist. Sol posed for all the flashes with the dress of her dreams: high-waisted skirt with natural fall that provided volume at the bottom, combined with a corset with a sweetheart neckline, embroidered with white details. And she accessorized her look with loose black hair and a tiara that crowned her hairstyle.

Karina wore an old pink dress with glitter. The long sleeve design features a side slit, a t-shirt neckline, and a plunging neckline. As for the hairstyle, she opted for loose hair with broken waves and a make-up that highlighted her look with peach lipstick. The Pole was to compose with the fifteen-year-oldand chose a light blue three-piece suit, made up of a jacket, vest and shirt. With a matching tie and pants of the same color, he combined the black shoes with the detail of the buttons of the set. An elegant nod to his fanaticism for Club Atlético Temperley.


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