The numbers of the super Monday rating with the final of El Hotel de los Famosos and the debut of Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo Tinelli returned to television with Sing With Me Now (LaFlia)

The return of Marcelo Tinelli to television after seven months and the long-awaited finale of The Hotel of the Famousboth on screen The thirteenHe gave a special seasoning to Monday night in the battle for the rating. In the other side, phone He presented his usual credentials, with The Argentine Voicethe most watched program today, and the good performance of fugitive. A day of high lighting on televisions, which set the stage for super mondaywith music as the main protagonist and a special eye on the numbers.

At 9:20 p.m., the last reality show officially began, and he scored 10.1 points, rising almost three units from the floor he had left. Telenoche. The leadership still belonged to Telefe Newsthat with the “Lost” segment in charge of Robertito Funes Ugarte touched 10.8. On a high lit night, blessed (The Nine) and JUSTICE (America) tied at 3.4 and the public television It showed numbers well above its average with the broadcast of the semifinal of the Copa América for women’s soccer, with 3.2, according to data from Kantar Ibope.

Marcelo TInelli arrived with his son Lolo at the debut of Canta Conmigo Now (El Trece)

At 9:40 p.m., while The hotel… mixed the emotions of the best moments of the cycle with the preparations for the outcome, he went to the front for the first time. In the channel of the balls, they reviewed the best of the previous chapter of fugitivethe telenovela of Turkish origin that gives good dividends to the signal. At that time, the competition envisioned a green flag finish, 12.0 against 11.8 in favor of reality

When the first batch arrived at 10:00 p.m., The Hotel of the Famous he had taken off from his competitor and reached 15.2 points, surpassing the mark he had touched in his debut in March. Meanwhile, Telefe’s fiction remained in double digits with a 10.6 and the trend in the other channels was reaffirmed, with a momentary drop for the women’s team match.

This was the beginning of Sing With Me Now (El Trece)

Already beating the last chopped up that would define the winner, at 22.21 The hotel… touched the 16 points for the first time and with a greater and polarized ignition, since fugitive He scored 11.4 and the podium was completed by the selected match, with 3.1. With the proximity of the outcome, El Trece’s program did not stop growing. When at 10:30 p.m. Carolina pampita ardohean announced that the winner of The Hotel of the Famous it was alex caniggiathe rating reached the order of 17 points, marking the peak of 17.5 at 10:34 p.m. with the celebrations of The Emperor. In Telefe, the preview of the next chapter of fugitiveremained in the order of 11 points.

After the opening musicals, At 10:39 p.m. Marcelo Tinelli appeared with his son Lolo to launch your new project sing with me now. At that time the rating was 16.0 for El Trece and 11.8 for La Voz Argentina, which began its broadcast with the battle of equipment of Lali Esposito.

Marcelo Tinelli with his children Candelaria and Lolo and Coti Sorokin (LaFlia)
Marcelo Tinelli with his children Candelaria and Lolo and Coti Sorokin (LaFlia)

Tinelli began the program by presenting the celebrities of the jury, with outstanding mentions for his daughter calendar and your partner Coti Sorokinthe Cougar Jose Luis Rodriguez Y Cristian castro. And at 10:55 p.m., when the imposing scenery showing the one hundred jurors was unveiled, the rating reached 17 points for the first time, reaching a peak of 17.4 at 10:57 p.m. The first moments of the format itself remained among the 16, while the outcome of the battle of the equipment Lali moved between the 12.

As the contestants paraded sing with me nowrating margins began to shrink. On the other side, a close battle was taking place. equipment Montaner and The Argentine Voice climbed for the first time to 14 points, establishing for the moment the narrowest margin of eight tenths, between 14.8 and 14. And at 23.31, when Soledad Pastorutti defined the vote of his team, the Telefe cycle came to the fore for the first time, 13.8 to 13.7, proposing a stage of extreme parity.

The battle between Stefano Marocco and Polina Piskova in La Voz Argentina (Telefe)

For the last battle The Argentine Voice a strong card was kept, with two of the most popular participants in the blind auditions: the “Russian from Cordoba” polina piskova Y Stefano Moroccowho had also competed in the Mexican edition of the program and surprised Lali in her presentation. The final minutes were tenth to tenth, with both tanks in the order of 12 points jostling well into midnight. Thus ended an intense television day that saw Marcelo Tinelli the winner in his return to the screen and sows great expectations for what is to come.


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