The playoffs of La Voz Argentina began: the particular looks of the jury and the first chosen of the Montaner team

The playoffs began on La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

This Sunday began a new stage of The Argentine Voicewhich is nearing its end. Last Thursday, the knockouts and now the 40 participants who remained in the race will play their fate in the playoffswhere the ten of each team will compete against each other to reach the next instance, which are the live shows. Tonight, it was the turn of the team members of Ricardo Montaner.

As every time a different instance begins, the coaches renewed their costumes and, as on other occasions, their looks were highly commented on social networks. The most surprising was Lali Espositowho chose a particular pink dress similar to that of a classical dancer. “But how beautiful… birthday of 15 today, right?”, he joked Marley when presenting it. For its part, Mau and Ricky they chose simpler outfits, in blue and light blue respectively. “It has sleeves, we already learned that it’s cold,” commented the youngest of the brothers amused.

Soledad PastoruttiInstead, she paired a white silk shirt with a black skirt. “I’m here for a gala,” the singer described. Finally, the host introduced the protagonist of the night -dressed in an elegant black suit-, who would be in charge of choosing four contestants to continue competing. The other four would be defined by public vote, and the remaining two would be eliminated.

The looks of the coaches of La Voz Argentina in the playoffs

In this way, and without further ado, the ten participants belonging to the interpreter’s team began to make their presentations. “Blue castle”: Elijah Pardal, Julius Garcia Veliz, Juliet Silberberg, Dandara Guinaraes, Emanuel Cerrudo, Julia Ferron, Alejo Alvarez, Juliet Celiz, Leonardo Jurado and Sophia Maquieira. Once finished, Montaner announced his choice to go to the next round. In the first place, he named Alejo, then Leonardo, in third place Julia and, just before naming the fourth, he asked to speak to address the audience, who would be in charge of voting for the remaining four lucky ones.

“I want to address the public in their homes. From here, you are the ones who are going to help me complete the team that is going to move forward from these live shows. From now on, you exercise the right to vote, and there is nothing more wonderful than that. Then, try to read my thoughts, to put yourself a little in my place and help me complete the team to be the winner of The voice this year,” Ricardo said. Lastly, he announced that Juliet was his last chosen one. In any case, the public has 24 hours to vote and only tomorrow will the definition be known. On the other hand, this Monday will also be the turn of Team Lali, one of the most anticipated reality shows.

Meanwhile, on September 10, those who advance to the next round will have the joy of participating in an incredible show at the Movistar Arena. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the talent of the best participants in a unique concert, and be moved by the most outstanding voices of the program. It promises to be a vibrant show, of which those who, night after night, will be able to beat other contestants, surpass themselves and thrill the entire country with their talent.


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